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Another day

Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 30, 2005

I’m very sleepy now so I will make this post short. Ok, I know someone may say that I can just go to bed straight away without posting. Hehe… my close friends all know how lazy I am. If I were to go to bed now, I don’t know till when only I will put up the things I wanted to put here. (Start to feel blur liaw.)

Well, I woke up quite early today, compared to the usual time I wake up nowadays. That’s why I feel so sleepy so ‘early’ today. Around 2pm heng wei called. bla bla bla… he asked to go out at night. ‘I want to sleep.’ Ended the conversation. So, I just put the telephone on my bed beside me. (Yeap, heng wei always call my house telephone, not handphone. That’s why I couldn’t just ignore it. One of my family members will come to my room and wake me up to ask, ‘do you want to answer the phone?’)

Not enough one minute after the call from heng wei, the phone rang again. It was mom.

Mom: You wake up already?
Me: Not yet.
Mom: Later I go pick you.
Me: I not yet wake up.
Mom: Nvm, I wait for you.
Me: I still need to take bath.
Mom: Ok, I wait for you here. I’m in ah mai(my aunt, my mom’s youngest
sister, yik chun’s mom) house.
Me: Oooo…

So, no more sleeping lo. Went to buy some new clothes for mom.

Later on, we got our dinner at 台湾风味小馆。

My drink, jasmine milky red tea.

The food I ordered, chicken chop rice. Plain simple.

Hahaha… my sis said me sot sot de, so ugly also wanna take the pic. Was busy eating while this food is served ma. Egg with something inside, tasted not so nice.

I forgot the name liaw. Something order by my eldest sister. Tasted good.

Oh, this one cannot let go. The main dish of the night. (for me) This is how it looked like when it was served.

My second sister did something and this was what we got! Hahaha… are you smart enough to know what my sister had done on it? Kekeke…

Later on, went… SHOPPING! Shopping together with family is always nice! =))

Got a chat with Subkiller and he was sooooo nice to allow me to have a look at his blog’s control panel. Now I know, using wordpress is not as hard as I thought.

Don’t know why, I’m not feeling so well these days. Feel cold easily. Feel like vomit. Got the appetite to eat only when I’m very very very… hungry. Complained with mom and this was what I got:

Of course la. You eat when it’s not the time and don’t eat when it’s the time. Sleeping also not normal one. Go to sleep when people are working and wake up when people are sleeping… cannot like this one ar, will get lots of sickness when you are old one a…

Ok, stop wondering and stop asking why I could have such an abnormal life without scold from anyone.

Sign off. (Feel like want to vomit right now.)


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Cute Shirely Goh

Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 29, 2005

Have a chat with Shirely and as what I have told her, I put up some parts of the conversation here. Little Shirely, she’s still that cute, still that innocent.

i’m lost, show me the way— says:
i gained x kg at ns and x kg at kl liao..
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
die hard
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
ycfoo^^ says:
total ?
ycfoo^^ says:
maybe mine more than urs le!
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
dun believe lo
ycfoo^^ says:
i have gained more than 8kg since i left high sch
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
dun believe
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
u sure stil slim slim de
ycfoo^^ says:
aiya u!!
ycfoo^^ says:
how baru u ll believe me wo??
ycfoo^^ says:
go n ask tina
ycfoo^^ says:
go n ask
ycfoo^^ says:
ycfoo^^ says:
go n ask…
ycfoo^^ says:
they all know de
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
long time din contact them lo..’
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
just u only o..
ycfoo^^ says:
anna anna.. know tat u r nice to me la..
ycfoo^^ says:
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
sure lar..
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
i’m lost, show me the way— says:

dunno y o.. i admire u de.. haha cuz u look like someone tat wont get mad de
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
ycfoo^^ says:
ycfoo^^ says:
wahliao eh… the first time someone says tat she admires me!
ycfoo^^ says:
u wan to c the look when i’m angry?
ycfoo^^ says:
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
if u angry sure very cute de..
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
like the volcano wan to explode but cant… just got asap nia..
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
ycfoo^^ says:
ycfoo^^ says:
wat happened to u today??
ycfoo^^ says:
y say so much sweet things today?
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
where got la?
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
just last time din tell u tat ba
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
ycfoo^^ says:
OPS….. or or… u r les?? u fall in love with me liaw????
ycfoo^^ says:
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
u think too far liao eh..
ycfoo^^ says:

WAHLIAO EH… serious serious seriously, this is the first time! The first time someone says that I look like that kind of people who would never get mad. A good news, maybe? What a damn good image I have left for my junior. Wonder if other juniors also think so. Hehe…

If she were to tell that I have a good temper nowadays, I might agree. Yet, I have not seen this little girl since I left the high school. So, it means that we haven’t met for 2 years and she means that I got a good temper when I was in high school.

I always know that I got a really bad temper when I was in primary school. Can’t blame me. My horoscope is Taurus, and I’m an ox. How bad a cow’s temper is, everyone knows. I couldn’t remember since when, I started to realize this bad habit of mine, and decided to alter it.

I did think that there was lots of improvements, but go and read my friendster testimonials. They say I’m fierce. Kekeke…

It is not as bad as what I though, after all, huh?

HAHAHAHAHA… Thanks, cute Shirely! =)

ycfoo^^ says:
i gonna put our conversation up in my blog… haha
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
dun wan le..
ycfoo^^ says:
ycfoo^^ says:
i wan i wan…
ycfoo^^ says:
don worry.. nobody would b jealous with wat u said de
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
my kelian look
ycfoo^^ says:
ycfoo^^ says:
u whr got kelian o… i treat u so nice
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
wa seh..
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
up to u lo..
ycfoo^^ says:
don sound so ‘mian qiang’ ma..
ycfoo^^ says:
don worry, i put a very little part nia..
ycfoo^^ says:
watcha so worry bout actually?
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
i’m not worry..
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
just wan kacau kacau u only.
ycfoo^^ says:
ycfoo^^ says:
i will put the whole thing den!


i’m lost, show me the way— says:
put the whole thing lo~~~ hahahha

ycfoo^^ says:
wah liao.. challenge me somemore
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
learn from u de
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
ycfoo^^ says:
ok.. i know tat u learn things very fast
i’m lost, show me the way— says:
blek~~ nope..

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My Treasures

Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 29, 2005

I will leave for KL again on 3jan and back on 24jan for CNY celebration. Since I’m so free these days and I might not have enough time for cleaning when I come back next time, I have spent some time cleaning my room just now. Happily cleaned and decorated my room and found some of my treasures! Haha…
A box with lots of precious things.

Wah! I seriously don’t remember that I got this kind of thing which was produced by McDonald!
Another one from McDonald.
I got lotsssss of this! Some in my drawer in my own room, some in another drawer in mom’s room, some in this box, some… and somemore lost liaw… kekeke…
See! Me so lihai. Know to collect jewelleries even when I was still a little kid.
Not only the girly toys, I played toy cars also wo. Didn’t really like them though. They were just some toys passed to me, not required by me.
Used to love this very much!
I still remember that I got this from Yik Chun’s (my cousin) neighbor.
Lotss more I got.
Uploaded the pictures here just in case one day, someone in my family or me myself threw all of them away.

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Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 28, 2005















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Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 26, 2005


一个男生, 昂藏七尺身躯, 像流星受挫 陨 落, 那是天空的叹息……

我已经死了. 死在漆黑的夜里.
刚好, 一年了. 我渐渐被遗忘, 最亲近的挚友小丽也没来我的坟看我. 我不怪她, 我已不再轻易激动, 不再轻易地意气用事落 — — 它的过后竟是”自杀” — — 我, 只有太多的叹息, 吐不尽.


我是个活泼好动` 身体健康的男孩, 唯一有点可惜的是, 我并不觉得我的脸孔漂亮. 事实上这也不重要的事, 至少在十六岁以前, 我从来不曾在意自己长得什么样子.
猛然惊觉, 我才知道自己有一副魁梧的身形, 而更重要的是, 我发觉我喜欢一的人.


我们的故事不知道是何时开始的. 这是彭亨州的一个小镇, 我们同在镇上的国民中学念书. 我自小认识她, 同班了好几年, 一杀那, 原来我们都长得这么大了.
她长得也并不漂亮. 这也并不重要, 重要的是我们谈得来.


我们同在华文学会里, 她是主席, 我禁不住为她的能干所吸引. 一天, 她跑来问我, 要我参加辩论赛, 我答应了.
讨论时, 我们总有几乎让头碰着头, 很亲近地一起修饰辩论稿, 我的文学较好, 她的口齿伶俐, 这样的配合, 让我们的相处很有温馨感.
赢得全彭冠军的刹那, 她在台上忘情地抱住我又叫又跳, 我总幻想那刹那要世界停駐. 多美的梦想.
可是, 后来的日子为什么会变成这样?


你不再感觉温馨和被疼爱, 我失去吸引你的一切魅力. 縱然我依然喜欢你.
你终于透过辅导老师告诉我, 你想把书念好, 而我只会令你的功课退步. 你早有此心, 可是害怕我承受不了, 不敢向我说.
我流泪答应老师不会伤害你, 也不要自暴自弃, 我的心碎成一片片, 飞舞在空中.
你大概忘了, 辩论赛完了之后, 我总是每天早早就到学校, 等你来, 等待你在走廊那一端绽开的第一朵笑靥, 然后你会开心地和我聊天, 喜悦会把我们的心装得满满的.
而更重要的, 我无法释怀的, 辅导老师也无法解答的确– — 你记得吗? 那一个黄昏, 你给了我你的初吻. 那是一个十六岁的少女最珍贵的献礼, 你绝不是个随便的人呀!
我可以接受自己没什么理由地喜欢你, 可是我不能接受你给我初吻又要离开我.


我无法收拾心情专心准备即将来临的SRP, 这是第二次重考了, 我不能再次失败. 家人给我太大的压力了. 堂兄们的成绩无法给我激励, 只给我威胁. 为什么你们只知道要好成绩?
失恋加考试失败, 我有足够的理由自杀吧? 辅导老师已提醒我, 不可意气用事, 他说这样的个性, 最有可能一时冲动干下傻事.
我真的跳楼自杀了. 结束了我短暂十七岁年轻的生命.


不要批评我, 我都已经死了; 而你还活着, 你还有很长的路要走, 你要好好走下去.
如果你是我的朋友, 请不要走这条路; 我要你了解我的感受 — —
你可以说我死得轻率, 不值得; 你也可以说我没有正确的人生观 , 来不及了, 我都已经死了.
生命只有那么一次, 纵使她不尽美好, 可是自杀只能另她更悲凉.
我这灰色的生命, 我多不甘心.

(1991. 8. 4)

到小镇去演讲时, 我碰到小丽, 却没有勇气和她谈起这位男生, 没勇气去看他的坟.
小丽很起劲地搞活动, 很认真地活着她年轻的岁月.
似是补偿那逝去的男生, 活他那一部分, 而我, 心头沉甸甸的想哭.
让我们爱惜我们的生命好吗, 不要伤害, 不要自杀… …


是个即将。。。。。。 噢不!是正面对死亡的病人所写的。



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Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 26, 2005

Woke up at 3pm then went out to have my brunch. Phew… what a nice weather we got today. I seriously has a very very very nice sleep. Slept soundly even though my handphone had beeped for so many times. Kekeke

And then… we went SHOPPING! Muahaha… YES, SHOPPING AGAIN!!!

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Single, oh?

Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 25, 2005

Don’t you worry that I’m too lonely, donkey.

You see…
I can eat as much as I could without worrying someone to complain that I’ve grown fatter.
I can still go out late late at night without someone lolososo near my ears.
I can go anywhere to fulfil my dreams without worrying about distance relationship.
I can talk about guys with my galfriends without feeling guilty.
I can go and sa jiao with my mom by saying, ‘I belong to you, ALONE.’
I can stick with the pc and tv as much as I could.

So… tell me, what’s wrong to be single. Don’t you forget, you are single too! O… la… O le le… YAHOO!!

I’m just too happy.

So here, share with you.

Merry Merry Christmas
from kennysia.com

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Merry Christmas

Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 25, 2005

Went out to have dinner together with my family. Planned to go 台湾风味小馆. Ended up the taukeh said that they closed liaw. Decided to go Kingwood then. Shi-bei-zei-lang(so many people) there! The waitress served us. She cleaned the table. She asked what we wanted to eat. Then he told my mom that they didn’t have enough chairs. I wonder… was she expecting us to stand there while eating? I always understand that Miri is small but I don’t believe that there’s no more place for us to dine. So we went to a donno-what-name restaurant. My family said that the food wasn’t nice, but it was ok for me lo. Just that, they were too salty. Most probably we got lots of sea here and they can get the salt easily ma, don’t need money de… so they put lotsssss lo
This is what I ordered. Char-siew mee.

Dumplings which didn’t look like dumplings at all. Taste? okok lo… can still put inside my mouth le

Wanted to go Francisco to buy Tiramisu cake but they didn’t sell it. Sigh. Eldest sister suggested to go HotBuns to see if there was any nice cake butI was too lazy. Was busy enjoying my double chocolate and fast food my second sister bought from Sugarbun. Too enjoyed until I didn’t feel like to move my butt off the car cusion. Kekeke…

Headed home. No cake coz I was lazy. Nvmla… see, I got soooooooo much junk food to eat. Kekeke

And while I was watching drama while consuming the junk food. I received messages from donkey.

d: boring tonight?

me: Haha… very enjoying le… juz back from
shopping. nw eating chips and watching drama.

d: U at home countdown la?

me: Ya gua… U oso at home now ha?

d: not really. but now my fren busy doing
something. So kacau u for a while.

me: Wahliao… wanna tease me la…

d: who ask u to dumb ppl at first. if not sure
not lonely at home lo

me: U wan me to fwd tz msg to him?

After a long time only he replied

d: he don mind la

me: oklo… u ask me to do so one. don blame
me later.

d: u try la if u dare. u r the one which scare
to talk bout this with him

me: ok… wat’s e no. he s using?

d: u know urself la don gege la

me: Juz send me e no!

d: malas 😛


me: ok… I sent liaw. If he s using e old no.

d: U dare meh? later I ask him.

Donkey, this is the present I promised. Hope you like it. How you gonna thank me? I susah payah copy them words by words from the hp one le.


Merry Christmas to all my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P/S: In case you don’t know, d = donkey = heng wei

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An enjoyable afternoon

Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 23, 2005

Bought a big pack of Teacino while shopping with my eldest sister yesterday. Comsumed 5 glasses of them within 24 hours! Shhhh… don’t let my mom know. =P

Damn nice I tell you!! Mmmm

Later on, I went to take the jasmine green tea and…

… and added the tea bag into the glass which I already put 2 packs of teacino powder and some hot water. Nyeh nyeh nyeh… and this is what I got! Sat comfortably in the air-cond room, reading newpapers and enjoyed this glass of specially made jasmine green teacino… Wow… what a nice afternoon I got! kekeke… =P

Saw this in the newspaper. Wonder something. Everytime when UPSR, PMR and SPM results are released, we will sure see this kind of pictures in the newspapers. Yet, how come I don’t remember that I got this kind of experience or I had seen that in real life? Or only people in West Malaysia do that? (Since the picture above was taken in a school in West Malaysia.)

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Eat eat and eat

Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 23, 2005

VjieT =D says:
become bulat liao
VjieT =D says:
ycfoo^^ says:
eh!! same here le!!
ycfoo^^ says:
really really fat liaw le!
VjieT =D says:
sighneed to keep fit lo
VjieT =D says:
if not,tak dapat belibaju for chinese new year
ycfoo^^ says:
ycfoo^^ says:
cannot keep fit now la.. too much nice food for me!
VjieT =D says:
VjieT =D
ny mum keep cook delicious food to me
VjieT =D says:
eat sampai canot digest
VjieT =D says:
n become fat liao
ycfoo^^ says:

Got a chat with my friend whom I have known since my first semester in ICM. See, this is the normal problem we, students studying abroad always face. Whenever we got home, there are always lotsss of food awaiting us.
My case is a bit different, anyway. I don’t like mom’s cooking. Hehe… don’t ask for the reason. I myself also don’t know. I just don’t like. My mom doesn’t really like to cook also because… she always complains, ‘Everytime cook the food and you all eat a little only. The fish so small only also cannot finish in one day! Next time don’t want to cook liaw.’ So, we often go out to eat lo, especially when the two nephews are not around. The two kids love mom’s cooking. Hehe
And I tell you, there are 2 fridges at my home and they are always FULL. They are full with food, drinks, desserts, fruits… bla bla bla… my mom loves to buy lotssss of them whenever she goes for breakfast in the restaurants or when she goes shopping in the malls.
So, tell me. How could I not grow fatter?

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