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Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 22, 2005

Well… come!! Yeap, I say welcome… to all my friends who visit this site! Frankly, I used to have many blogs which I didn’t welcome my friends in real life to visit. People who are close to me might know what was the reason I kept them only to myself. Anyway, they were mostly about rantings. I don’t think you would like to visit a site which got nothing besides rants, would you? And I gave up the blogs after some time because I got bored with it or I got too busy until I forgot that I actually got a blog. In the end, I forgot my passwords or even forgot the host which was hosting my sites. So, I was like… excitedly created a new blog, then gave up… got something to rant about then created another blog, gave up after some time… wanted to find a way to maintain my writing in Chinese, so created another one… forgot about the blog after some time… bla bla bla… it kept repeating…

Until middle of this year, I created another blog and surprisingly it is kept until now. I blog when I was stressed. I blog when I was angry. I blog when I was extremely happy. I blog when I was sad. I only blog when there were something special to talk about. After some time, I found out that my disclosure rate was extremely low and it was too dangerous for me to live a healthy life. In case you don’t know, disclosure about yourself to others is one of the important materials which could influence your psychological and physiological health. My family members, high school friends, and some close friends in college know that how bad my health is. You know, I would bring a full pack of oval shape panadols along with me when I was leaving home for starting another semester in college. By the time the semester ended, the full pack of panadols would be finished too. So geng le? My close friends all know that how much I hate medicine and the panadols I could only consume was the one in oval shape.

I still remember how pathetic I was when I found out that I got no more panadols in my dorm, realizing that my forehead was heating approaching final exam last semester. Good news was that I managed to force myself to swallow the round shape panadols I bought from the nearby grocery.

Ermm… ? I have gone way too far, huh? Ok, the main point is that I need to disclose more. However, I’m not that kind of person who’s very open-minded and who can present everything about themselves in front of others. Then, I though of blogging. I could blog without revealing my identity and disclose at the same time. Since then, I blog very often.

As some of you know, I’m now having my 3-month holidays at home and got too much time to spend. So, I blog almost everyday. I blog about friends. I blog about my trip. I blog about food. I blog about issues. The scope of my blog has widen much.

And one day while chatting with subkiller, he found out that I actually got a blog. Even though he promised (after much pressure from me) that he wouldn’t go and search for the blog which belongs to me, my sixth sense kept warning me that he might. So, I was a bit scared. (Boh bian, got too much private things inside ba! And this subkiller, he’s a pc genius I tell you!)

And and and… then, I found out that there weren’t many secrets in my recent posts. (or not at all) So, I though of hiding all of the more private posts and open my blog to my friends. Ended up, I couldn’t find this kind of function! Hehe…

SO, IN THE END, appear this blog!

In the coming days, I will mostly blog here. The more private posts, go to the old one, of course. Don’t you ever try to find out the old one! =P

2条回应 to “WELCOME”

  1. SubKi||er said

    i was not thinking of finding your blog leh, but since your sixth-sense tells you something and i don’t want to make it go wrong, i decided to go find it… 😀


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