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Merry Christmas

Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 25, 2005

Went out to have dinner together with my family. Planned to go 台湾风味小馆. Ended up the taukeh said that they closed liaw. Decided to go Kingwood then. Shi-bei-zei-lang(so many people) there! The waitress served us. She cleaned the table. She asked what we wanted to eat. Then he told my mom that they didn’t have enough chairs. I wonder… was she expecting us to stand there while eating? I always understand that Miri is small but I don’t believe that there’s no more place for us to dine. So we went to a donno-what-name restaurant. My family said that the food wasn’t nice, but it was ok for me lo. Just that, they were too salty. Most probably we got lots of sea here and they can get the salt easily ma, don’t need money de… so they put lotsssss lo
This is what I ordered. Char-siew mee.

Dumplings which didn’t look like dumplings at all. Taste? okok lo… can still put inside my mouth le

Wanted to go Francisco to buy Tiramisu cake but they didn’t sell it. Sigh. Eldest sister suggested to go HotBuns to see if there was any nice cake butI was too lazy. Was busy enjoying my double chocolate and fast food my second sister bought from Sugarbun. Too enjoyed until I didn’t feel like to move my butt off the car cusion. Kekeke…

Headed home. No cake coz I was lazy. Nvmla… see, I got soooooooo much junk food to eat. Kekeke

And while I was watching drama while consuming the junk food. I received messages from donkey.

d: boring tonight?

me: Haha… very enjoying le… juz back from
shopping. nw eating chips and watching drama.

d: U at home countdown la?

me: Ya gua… U oso at home now ha?

d: not really. but now my fren busy doing
something. So kacau u for a while.

me: Wahliao… wanna tease me la…

d: who ask u to dumb ppl at first. if not sure
not lonely at home lo

me: U wan me to fwd tz msg to him?

After a long time only he replied

d: he don mind la

me: oklo… u ask me to do so one. don blame
me later.

d: u try la if u dare. u r the one which scare
to talk bout this with him

me: ok… wat’s e no. he s using?

d: u know urself la don gege la

me: Juz send me e no!

d: malas 😛


me: ok… I sent liaw. If he s using e old no.

d: U dare meh? later I ask him.

Donkey, this is the present I promised. Hope you like it. How you gonna thank me? I susah payah copy them words by words from the hp one le.


Merry Christmas to all my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P/S: In case you don’t know, d = donkey = heng wei



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