Single, oh?

Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 25, 2005

Don’t you worry that I’m too lonely, donkey.

You see…
I can eat as much as I could without worrying someone to complain that I’ve grown fatter.
I can still go out late late at night without someone lolososo near my ears.
I can go anywhere to fulfil my dreams without worrying about distance relationship.
I can talk about guys with my galfriends without feeling guilty.
I can go and sa jiao with my mom by saying, ‘I belong to you, ALONE.’
I can stick with the pc and tv as much as I could.

So… tell me, what’s wrong to be single. Don’t you forget, you are single too! O… la… O le le… YAHOO!!

I’m just too happy.

So here, share with you.

Merry Merry Christmas
from kennysia.com


2条回应 to “Single, oh?”

  1. A1-32 said

    hey,yc foo..long time no c..,,not tt bulat lar..,hahaha..,ur hair grow long edi..
    i c, ur r enjoying ur new hp…hehehe…lots of nice pic..

  2. ycfoo^^ said

    A1-32? Whahaha… u make me think! 3 months!3 months neva use my brain d! c u on 3jan den u will know how bulat i am d. kekeke…

    yalo… long d, no more e little little one… no nid wax liaw…


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