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Another day

Posted by ycfoo 于 十二月 30, 2005

I’m very sleepy now so I will make this post short. Ok, I know someone may say that I can just go to bed straight away without posting. Hehe… my close friends all know how lazy I am. If I were to go to bed now, I don’t know till when only I will put up the things I wanted to put here. (Start to feel blur liaw.)

Well, I woke up quite early today, compared to the usual time I wake up nowadays. That’s why I feel so sleepy so ‘early’ today. Around 2pm heng wei called. bla bla bla… he asked to go out at night. ‘I want to sleep.’ Ended the conversation. So, I just put the telephone on my bed beside me. (Yeap, heng wei always call my house telephone, not handphone. That’s why I couldn’t just ignore it. One of my family members will come to my room and wake me up to ask, ‘do you want to answer the phone?’)

Not enough one minute after the call from heng wei, the phone rang again. It was mom.

Mom: You wake up already?
Me: Not yet.
Mom: Later I go pick you.
Me: I not yet wake up.
Mom: Nvm, I wait for you.
Me: I still need to take bath.
Mom: Ok, I wait for you here. I’m in ah mai(my aunt, my mom’s youngest
sister, yik chun’s mom) house.
Me: Oooo…

So, no more sleeping lo. Went to buy some new clothes for mom.

Later on, we got our dinner at 台湾风味小馆。

My drink, jasmine milky red tea.

The food I ordered, chicken chop rice. Plain simple.

Hahaha… my sis said me sot sot de, so ugly also wanna take the pic. Was busy eating while this food is served ma. Egg with something inside, tasted not so nice.

I forgot the name liaw. Something order by my eldest sister. Tasted good.

Oh, this one cannot let go. The main dish of the night. (for me) This is how it looked like when it was served.

My second sister did something and this was what we got! Hahaha… are you smart enough to know what my sister had done on it? Kekeke…

Later on, went… SHOPPING! Shopping together with family is always nice! =))

Got a chat with Subkiller and he was sooooo nice to allow me to have a look at his blog’s control panel. Now I know, using wordpress is not as hard as I thought.

Don’t know why, I’m not feeling so well these days. Feel cold easily. Feel like vomit. Got the appetite to eat only when I’m very very very… hungry. Complained with mom and this was what I got:

Of course la. You eat when it’s not the time and don’t eat when it’s the time. Sleeping also not normal one. Go to sleep when people are working and wake up when people are sleeping… cannot like this one ar, will get lots of sickness when you are old one a…

Ok, stop wondering and stop asking why I could have such an abnormal life without scold from anyone.

Sign off. (Feel like want to vomit right now.)


3条回应 to “Another day”

  1. a1-32 said

    r u goin 2 b sick again?
    jasmine milky red tea….sound tasty….

    n few unbelivable things happened here in Inti…..hohoo..

  2. ycfoo^^ said

    YOU IN INTI EDI?!?! wat happened? don say half way only!

    wan me to bring a pack of jasmine milky red tea thr? AHAHAHA…

    i don wan to b sick…

  3. a1-32 said

    jasmine milky red tea … ok..ok
    thank u….

    i like 2 say half way aa..so dun get angry k..

    hope u ll get healthy physically n spiritually as soon as possible..


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