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Down dOwn doWn

Posted by ycfoo 于 一月 2, 2006

Not in the good mood these few days. I have many posts in my external harddisk, whereby some of them are half way written. I’m not so sure about the reason, whenever I sit in front of the computer deciding to post in my blog, I would feel so tired, so down, so not in the mood to blog. So, in the past few days, what I had done was to go downstair (my house computer is located at downstair), plugged in my handphone cable, browse through the pictures, plugged in my external harddisk cable, opened the files… logged in to my MSN messenger and friendster at the same time, read others’ blogs, logged in to my blogspot account, checked if someone had left a message in the shoutbox… and then, closed everything and went upstair. STUPID, eh? I had been doing all of these for nothing, nothing!
I have been very guai these days, go to bed around 12am. However, I guess my body has most probably considered this as a nap in the afternoon because I would wake up chun at 3.40 something early in the morning. Would then satyed awake no matter how hard I forced myself to fall back asleep. This situation has persisted for the past two days and I have decided not to sleep so early today so that I won’t wake up too early in the morning again.
The time when I feel satisfied these few days were the time when I’m together with my family.
Went shoppings with my sister.
Went to the old shops in Pasar 10 to buy mom’s clothes for times. It was boring there. Yet, I would feel satisfied when I see mom’s happy face.
Went to airport to pick my brother together with my sister. What’s nice were the conversations held in the car.
Spent lots of time watching drama together with my sisters.
Had a great pizza meal at home on new year eve.
The happiness shown on nephews’ faces when I gave them small presents.
Will be leaving for West Malaysia tomorrow, tomorrow! I seriously feel that my heart is very heavy now. I don’t know why. I don’t know why is it so serious this time.
Sign Off.

6条回应 to “Down dOwn doWn”

  1. a1-32 said

    me 2 e…dunno y.. da 1s time i concioustly feel like that.

  2. Anonymous said


  3. ycfoo^^ said

    a1-32: Hey, now only I know you have left a comment here! hehe… you feel so maybe because thr’s no subject you like this sem eh.

    anonymous: 嗨!欢迎欢迎!嘻!怎么看不懂?我语文太差了?来个自我介绍,好不?

  4. a1-32 said

    last sem oso dun hav da subject i like…infact no subject tt i like..
    oni keep psy as a reason to keep on going…

  5. ycfoo^^ said

    a1-32: this sem diff ma. u advanced enrolled for psy sub edi. so u were ready to study for the sub spiritually be the sem started ma..

    n what haf u done? how come i don receive any notice whenever you leave a comment here? I’m supposed to reeceive an email whenever anyone leave a comment in this blog.–>

  6. very nice blog!mary


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