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Posted by ycfoo 于 一月 7, 2006

So, I’m currently in the jungle. I miss home so much! Anyone? Could anyone understand how much I miss home? I have never missed home as much as this, so much that I’m thinking of home every single second, either I’m in the class, in my dorm, in the office, in the bathroom or in my dream.

Ok, I’m a normal human. So, it’s not abnormal for me to be homesick. It has been times before this but there were always a reason. I got homesick when I felt soooo stressed in studies, I got homesick when I fell sick, I got homesick when I was facing big challenges, I got homesick when… yeah, with a reason or reasons.

Only then, I understand why I miss home so so so seriously this time. I have had 2 months plus holiday in hometown, a long long time without any stress at home. So relax I was, so enjoy I was. I do realize that whenever I have finished my holiday in my hometown and it is the time for me to go back to the jungle, my heart feels pain. But it was only for a short period of time. Maybe, after 2 or 3 days of classes and mixings with friends, I successfully adapted myself to the jungle for another time. However, this time is not so easy. I have never been back for such a long time since I started my tertiary education here. The last time of year-end long holiday was spent in Setapak together with my cousin and in Singapore together with my sister and another cousin.

Nearly 3 months of holidays at home together with my dear family. How wonderful it was! I have used to the happy environment and happy days at home. Now, I need a longer time for me to adapt myself back to the jungle environment.

People always say, ‘you gonna back to hometown after few weeks’ whenever I complain that I miss home. Oh well, its true that I’m going back home very soon for cny celebration, but it’s not true that I would feel more released by knowing this. In fact, this makes me feel sadder because I understand that I will only be back for one week plus. This certainly is not enough to satisfy my need. And I know that I would fall into the world of home home home home…sick again when I got back here after the short holiday. Waaaa… !!!

Plus, it’s hard for me to persuade myself that it’s important for me to stay here for another semester. 3 subjects, I have only enrolled for 3 subjects which I don’t know whether they are actually needed. No psychology subject. Stupid UPO closed the psy subject I have advanced enrolled. So, in the end, advanced enrollment doesn’t seem to help. So, why? Why would there be advance enrollment? Stupid!

What I can do now is to tell myself that time flies. Very soon, very soon that the semester will end and I can go back home.


4条回应 to “Homesick~”

  1. a1-32 said

    compare the live here n ur hometown..,ofcourse it is sad…
    u hav become more n more down from each sem after another….rite?
    only thing i can say is..,kambate lar Foo Yie Choo,after u finish everything here..,then can go back 2 ur dearest family n spend more time with them..
    ur mama oso wants her baby 2 be tough n happy o…….hehehe..

    sight…y life is tough..????

  2. ycfoo^^ said

    You Have Made Me Cried, a1-32!!!!! more down n dowm from sem n sem… i don’t know it’s so obvious tat you can notice it. I tot it was just me. I tot I have thought too much. I tot I have thought too negatively.

    no way no way, no way I could let myself to continue like this, no way i could let myself to fall deeper n deeper! don worry don worry, life is not so tough as we tot. time just passes real fast!

  3. positive abit lar…

    owez see the negative wan you! go out, explore, see around, meet new friends, so many things to do! sheesh…

    …btw, whr r u now arr??? i know you got tell me alot of times b4 but i blur blur wan…

  4. ycfoo^^ said

    me whr got owez c the negative one o??

    in nilai, negeri sembilan laaa… u urself know tat u haf asked me lots of times oso. humph!

    u blur blur one then how u kn tat i owest think negatively? =P


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