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  • 31/10/2006 People, people... come find me if you want to buy prepaid cards, buy from me, I'm selling them, Digi, maxis, celcom... or you don't have streamyx and want to have it installed at your place, welcome to find me also... ok, that's all. Tata~
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Shopping in MidValley

Posted by ycfoo 于 一月 9, 2006

I am tired because of the shopping during day time in MidValley. Light switched off. Laptop turned off. On the bed I became more and more awake. Was thinking to blog next time but since I couldn’t sleep, I might just blog now.
I went shopping together with Chris, because I need to buy something and because I know that I shouldn’t just stay in the room. I would sure become more depressed if I were to stay in the room for another day.
Ha! Not too bad! I do understand myself! I know what I can do to make myself happy! The shopping does help! I feel much better now. Hehe… a bit guilty though, because my wallet becomes so so so thin already. I bought a pair of long pants (This is what I wanted to buy), 2 clothes (This is not in the list because I bought lots of clothes in hometown already! Well, I still bought them in the end.*grin*), 3 feng shui (风水) key chains for my sisters, and some other stuffs.
I need a part time job, I need a part time job… so that I won’t feel so guilty when I spend every single cents. And I need a part time job to fill my time. 3 subjects in a semester. Duh!~
Something really funny happened when we were in MidValley. Hahaha… but I’m too lazy to type now.

MidValley on the left and donno-what-building on the right.

The one on the right is mine. It costed me RM10 with 5% of government tax and 5% of service tax yet to be added!


Christina’s food. I don’t know the name.

Taken without me knowing.

Robe fish.

Very de nice le…

Neh neh… Christina is there… the one with red shirt.

Saw a pair of long pants there, cheaper compared with the one I bought. But ho… see see… I immediately put the pants back when I saw the long queu outside the fitting rooms.

Now, Christina is lost! So so so many people but I couldn’t find Chris. Chris, Chris, where are you? Do you know that I’m waiting for you here?

Back alone…


3条回应 to “Shopping in MidValley”

  1. a1-32 said

    im here..,im here at mph……….

    d ma la dish quite delicious ler…

  2. ycfoo^^ said

    nice meh? not so le for me… hmm… maybe haven’t got my appetite back at tat time… in the process though…

  3. a1-32 said

    good luck.haahaaha…..


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