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First time being tagged

Posted by ycfoo 于 一月 14, 2006

Hmm… I wonder… I wonder why am I being tagged? I don’t know whether this subkiller is being thankful for me being the frequent visitor in his blog or because ngam ngam at the time when he answered the meme, I was chatting with him and gepo gepo asked him the question ‘whatcha doing there?’
So, here I am, answering the meme. I like answering this kind of thing sometimes because it helps you and your friends to understand you more. It’s true. Sometimes, people do not understand themelves as much as they though. Besides, the questions could offer some challenges. There might be some private questions which are the things I don’t usually reveal in daily life. So so… anway, the meme thing this time… contains boring questions! =P
First of all, remove the blog in the no.1 spot from the following list and push everyone up one place. Then add your own blog to the bottom spot.
1. Che-Cheh
2. Alex Allied
3. Clueless Dream
4. Planet Subkiller
5. ycfoo’s life
Then, answer the following questions :
What were I doing 10 years back :
year 1996, I was in primary 5. The year my academic performance started to drop very very seriously. Got to know a new guy transfered from other state.(from Sabah if I wasn’t wrong.) He sat beside me and we mixed together very well. I still remember him being the one who introduced 谍仙 (I don’t know how to call it in English. Anyone helps?) to me and I was so addicted to it. I didn’t go back home after school. I played with the bunch of friends until their parents come and pick them one by one. When everyone had gone, only then I walked back home. Only after a long time, one of my respected teacher said to me, ‘You have changed so much since you are put to sit together with him.’ Only then, I woke up.
What were I doing 1 year back :
Stucked in the jungle! =P
5 snacks I enjoy :
* chips
* french fries
* special
* chewing gums
* rojak
5 songs I know all the lyrics off my head right now :
* 我的朋友在哪里?
* 三只老虎
* aiya… all kids’ songs la! Don’t you ever ask me this kind of question AGAIn!
5 things I would do if I am a millionaire :
* Do some investment to keep the money coming.
* Buy some very nice designed and comfortable houses together with my family.
* Go travelling together with my family
* Buy everything me and my family members need.
* and yeah, some donations.
5 bad habits :
* lazy lazy
* too emotional sometimes
* depend too much on family. (oh well, sing fang just reminded me about this during last semester break.)
* don’t like to socialize sometimes.
* always don’t want to get out from bed even if I have got enough sleep. so the next thing to happen would be… too much of sleep during day time and couldn’t sleep on time at night.
5 things I love to do :
* go shopping together with sisters.
* watching drama and movies together with family.
* go travelling.
* going online
* sleep sleep sleep…
5 things you would never wear, buy or get new again :
* so boring neh this one… lazy to answer. =P
5 favourite “toys” :
* my laptop
* my hp
* water color
* some toys I bought for my nephews… play together with them la…hehe…
* can’t think of any liaw…
Then you select five people to pass it on :
* Jiaren (muahaha… I know subkiller has tagged you and I know what happend when you tried to follow. But, that’s for his tag. Now, you got another one. You have to do it. No excuse! =P)
* Tina Ngu (Wow… just found out that you got a blog too. As a welcome, you are tagged! hehe...)
* Heng Wei (I know you feel so boring at home. Don’t worry. I’m helping. keke...)
* Suen (As a punishment for not going online for sooooooooooo long!)
* cute Shirely Goh (only if she read this… hehe...)

4条回应 to “First time being tagged”

  1. ~~**Ya_TiN'a**~~ said

    u tagged me does this mean that i need to answer those stupid questionS?.. hahaha.. =PP if i don wan, what can u do my dear??… wahahhaaa… =PPPPP no wonder u keep asking me to read!~~

  2. ycfoo^^ said

    you have to. u r tagged so you have to answer those qs. I don’t mind when u gonna answer them n post in ur blog, but.. u have to! hehe… =P

    not so stupid la… just like those u love to do in frenster neh~


    you stupid lar! buat mafan onli…haiz…I knew I shouldn’t have opened ur blog!!!

    if i must i’ll do it later…now tired…


  4. ycfoo^^ said

    muahaha…. i don mind when u gonna do it… u juz nid to.. kekeke…


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