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Another weekend

Posted by ycfoo 于 一月 16, 2006

Another weekend has just gone like that. I’m very sure, I’m very clear that I don’t use the time wisely these days but…… I just couldn’t control myself. I just couldn’t concentrate when I’m supposed to be. I know… I know I’m being too emotional again.

Not that I don’t want to finish my work. I did touch my books. I did try to start on my mathematics assignment. I did try to finish my lab report. But but but… I just gave up halfway. I’m still not into the situation. Duh!~

Math math math!! I couldn’t imagine that I being the last semester student still need to attend the sooo basic mathematics subject. And what’s worse is that my mind is blank whenever I’m left with some mathematics questions. I don’t know where the enthusiastic once I got for math has gone. I seriously don’t know. I have forgotten so much of the mathematics rules. Bla bla bla…

Ok… enough… I was just ranting… bla bla bla…

I just got a part time job. It was stated that they have vacancies for ‘photocopy department’ and the interviewer (one of the bosses) kept stressing that my job was to photocopy the materials, and only when I’m free that I need to do the cleaning, arranging, bla bla bla…

Oh god, when he was trying very hard to persuade me that I just needed to do the photocopy job, I know that I would need to spare quite some time for other ojibala work. Sigh sigh… boh-bian la… I’m still a student without any degree or diploma.

Good to say, I haven’t met any major problem in that working place so far. And of course, I hope that it would be a wonderful one. God bless~

Before going for the part time job, Christina, phooi mun, and I went for our dinner. So nice hoh our dinner? Besides the nasi goreng daging merah, nasi goreng belacan and nasi pataya, we still ordered extra dishes neh!~ I ordered sotong masam manis, Chris ordered udang-donno-wat flavor, and pm ordered petai goreng. In case you don’t know, that was the only meal I got for the whole day.

College hostel area at 12am something. Before the nearby new apartments were started to be used, my college was not so quiet at night one. It used to be so happening, too happening that I was glad that I didn’t stay in the first few blocks. Too noisy bah!~

These 2 guys were blocking my way and they walked sooooo slowly!

Oh well, people always say that you can learn paktology in college.

Not yet reached the block I’m staying…


Ok, I have reached my block. As usual, the guards were busy sembang-ing.


3条回应 to “Another weekend”

  1. a1-32 said

    im makan-ing now..

  2. ycfoo^^ said

    u more lihai le.. u got ren-able… i don’t think many ppl know wat this mean le..

  3. a1-32 said

    it s rentable lar
    …..,hahaha……… =D


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