I was at mamak~

Posted by ycfoo 于 一月 21, 2006

I’m tired. I’m sleepy. Yet, I couldn’t sleep. Gosh… must be the effect of the glasses of teh ais and teh tarik and the very oily roti pisang!
My boss called to ask to work extra and I said no, giving the excuse that I got something to do. Guessed he could hear from my sound that I was actually sleeping and asked, ‘what are you doing now?’ ‘I’m sleeping… only for a while, will be out very soon.’
And I’m supposed to go working tomorrow. Feeling very tired these days, I ask my friend to replace me. Well, I know she likes it. She wants to earn more bucks. keke…
And I told myself, I need to finish my lab report, my math assignment and study for my religion test. Ended up, I was at the mamak together with my friends!

6条回应 to “I was at mamak~”

  1. crap lar you!!! what me freak!!! u baru freak…this cny i go ur house and kutuk u liau…beware!!!

  2. ycfoo^^ said

    omg! now only you realize? muahaha… make sure you do come! =P one more then, one more day…. one more day then i would be at home. keke..

  3. yalar…you think I so eng issit…read every single word in ur blog har??? you and Sing Bih really ngam lar…dun forget to invite me to the wedding!

  4. a1-32 said

    huh.., foo yie chu… u going 2 be married soon??

  5. ycfoo^^ said

    qjiaren the freak, not tat u r not eng, juz tat u r careless.. =PP

    wat u think, a1-32?? -_-“

  6. oi…time to update oledi…


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