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  • 31/10/2006 People, people... come find me if you want to buy prepaid cards, buy from me, I'm selling them, Digi, maxis, celcom... or you don't have streamyx and want to have it installed at your place, welcome to find me also... ok, that's all. Tata~
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DIY-ed burger

Posted by ycfoo 于 二月 23, 2006

Went out to meet the people from View Vacations Service for explainations about the package they offer for Redang Trip. Was a bit scared actually because the person was a guy and he was a peron I had never met before. Plus, he came at almost 12am! Luckily, there were activities going on at the pool, so there were lots of people around there. Anxiety was reduced then. Otherwise, the cafeteria is always very silent and has little or has no people around this kind of time. The pool is just opposite the cafeteria in case you are not from the same college with me.
See, now I’m very concerned about my safety! =)
Bought this after the meet. Can see from the outlook what this is? Hehe… a DIY-wraped chicken buger! The saler has given up the commercial type of wrapping paper which you could buy almost everywhere and switched to this tissue-paper-liked wrapping paper. I’m not so sure about the main reason for him to do so and I don’t care about it either. What’s important is I think that this kind of DIY paper is more appealing for me. The saler did make me smile, a truly smile from my heart when he was drawing the cute face on the wrapper. For me, it’s just like a blessing from him. And I know, he understood, and received my message when I put a great smile on my face.

A good start for me as I have taken the initiative to go and buy the food and eat it, especially at this kind of time. For your information, in the past few days, I only ate once within a day, that’s the dinner and consumed only Vico whenever I felt hungry. Plus, the food I ate was either instant mee or vegetarian food. There was even a day when I was working in the shop for the whole day without eating anything! I wasn’t so sure, and am still not, about the reason why I treated myself so badly like this, but… I just felt like doing so.

Consumed a glass of Teaccino also. See, I treat myself better now.

Pete Lin: The picture of two of us is powerful. =)



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