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  • 31/10/2006 People, people... come find me if you want to buy prepaid cards, buy from me, I'm selling them, Digi, maxis, celcom... or you don't have streamyx and want to have it installed at your place, welcome to find me also... ok, that's all. Tata~
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Posted by ycfoo 于 三月 5, 2006

It has been really a long time since we last gathered, fooled around, and laughed out loud like this.

STEAMBOAT!! Yeap, just got steamboat with my 3 zhutou friends in college. kekeke… =P

Was celebrating Vjiet’s birthday actually. Neh, the one in red shirt! A nice girl, indeed.

Nice matching of colors, eh?

Now, introduce to you the head of the pighead!! The one in white shirt, of course. Don’t you misunderstand, we are not the members!

Food food food…. yum yum… damn nice le the food! So sweet the soup! Can I ask for another time before I left the jungle?

Too bad there was no vanilla coke. But… ok la… at least we got coke… original flavor coke…

Kekeke… everyone who comes to my room for the first time would shout when they see this cutie! hehe…

Ermm… too hyper she was. Pity the cutie… but… nothing I could do. Sigh…


Ok, I know. This one is even nicer. Muahaha… =P


Ok… I know. I know its so ‘ermmm…

No choice I got ba. I have to adhere to the group wa.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope this is not the last time we could celebrate birthday together you! 😉



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