My sweet corn soup

Posted by ycfoo 于 三月 26, 2006

Yummy yummy… my food for the whole day! Not only this, of course!

Here, is the whole thing. ABC shop. Hmm… mine looks more like corn soup. I put lotsssssssss of corns inside, because I love corns so much! Hoho~

Aw… I feel sooooooooooooo full now. Can you imagine that? I consume the whole thing within like… 3 or 4 hours!! Keep on eating since it was ready to be served. So sweet, so sweet, the soup is so sweet!! Seriously can’t resist even though I know that I’m full already. At the same time, I have consumed 2 cans of coke!~ Keke… I’m CRAZY!

On the other hand, Yik Chun in Setapak got this for her dinner! Now, tell me. Which one looks nicer? Mine or hers? Muahaha… =P


4条回应 to “My sweet corn soup”

  1. Pier said

    hhahaha…im yik chun in setapak
    after seeing wat yie chu have cooked…i think most of u ppl will choose to eat my delicious spegetti loh…got hotdog ,mushroom,tuna n many. not like hers ,all is vege one…ppl will most likely choose mine de lah..HHAHHHAHAHAH

  2. abc^ said

    Don’t crap la you, CYC! urs one look like wat… kekeke.. =PP

  3. Pier said

    then u say look like wat leh…huh????

  4. abc^ said

    U know it better than any others. hoho~


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