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I need peaceful environment

Posted by ycfoo 于 三月 29, 2006

WA~~~ I wanna sleep! I wanna have a tight sleep! I wanna have a sound sleep! 😥 I slept for only 4 hours yesterday and I want to sleep early today so that I can wake up for my 8am class tomorrow. Ended up, went to bed at 11pm and got disturbed and here I am.

Firstly, look at the picture below.

I don’t know whether it was the work of a mosquito or some other insect. My finger got stung, and it becomes so red and bulges. It’s like… my skin’s area is not that big, and it keeps bulging and bulging and pulling and puling, and the ketegangan is so high le. It is painful neh~

Then, the one staying next door started her weird habit. Dancing in the room? Exercising while sitting on her chair? Using the chair for …? Nobody knows what she’s doing in the room but she got this weird habit of pushing the chair here and there without lifting it up, so… you can hear those ‘kiiinnngggggggg koooooooongggggggggg…’ sounds. Or she got nothing better to do that she moves the table and the bed here and there… EVERYDAY! So, you can also hear those sounds like ‘ponggggggggg……….bungggggggg………

And some people staying opposite are having gathering. ‘hahahahaha…………..’ ‘Ah…….’ ‘Wahhh…..bla bla bla, all kinds of sounds you can hear. Oh, did I mention that they are having gatherings every day? Yeap, EVERYDAY! May it be during day time or at midnight. Well, final year student. They got nothing to do except to make sure that the person they pay the money to finish the project that they were supposed to do.

Poor me… look at my eye bags… and look at my face… sigh…

NVM NVM, today is already wednesday! 1.5 more week to go! GAMBATEH!~


2条回应 to “I need peaceful environment”

  1. a1-32 said

    inti got so many insect..haha
    mayb u got bitten by new insects..bcareful..

    eyebag,,sigh…u wanna compare with mine?

  2. abc^ said


    Oh, the inconsiderate one staying beside is not in, i better appreciate this precious chance n haf a nice sleep. (eventhough i jz got my bath n my hair is still wet.)


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