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Pondering + Ruminating + Thinking

Posted by ycfoo 于 三月 31, 2006

Have been thinking, pondering and ruminating a lot these few days.
Well, it’s the end of the week. So, officially, I can announce that there is one more week to final exam. And after sitting for 3 papers, I can introduce myself as EX-INTI student! Hoho~

I don’t need to bear with the boring life in jungle;
I don’t need to bear with the irritating mosquitoes;
I don’t need to bear with the inconsiderate neighbors;
I don’t need to bear with the lousy facilities;
I don’t need to bear with the unorganized management;
I don’t need to bear with the stupid discriminating staffs and lecturers;

Above are some of the reasons which put me into ruminating in my own world these days. Yes, I will walk out from the jungle very soon, and heading for the ones I aspire. I know, I know the road in front might be tough. I am clearer than anyone about this. Don’t you need to remind me again and again. I never thought that it would be easy. But, at least, I AM stepping forward. I am advancing, but not stand still at the same location, or even going backward. Do you know how bad it would be to feel that you are going backward? I don’t like this, I really don’t like this.


Attending a mock trial in my college makes me ponder too. I was in the court for 4 hours being the so-called juror. Wow, I couldn’t believe that I made it! 4 hours! Chris, didn’t you surprise? Didn’t you feel grateful? Because of you, I put my butt still on the hard wooden chair for 4 hours! Hahaha…

Seriously, the trial would be an interesting one if they were to speak louder. I knew, I knew that I would get diverted half way though the trial and eventually pay no attention to the whole thing. Yet, I wanted to know the whole process; I wanted to know what had make chris stressed and spent so much time for it. I paid 100% of attention trying very hard to concentrate. Well, as expected, only one hour passed, I got diverted and started ‘talking’ with the one sitting beside me, pei wen. ‘Talking’ as in writing messages on a piece of paper. Frankly, it was too hard for me to pay attention as the people spoke softer and softer. My listening skill is already poor, and their volume drew my attention away. And one more thing, the whole thing started to get more and more illogic. One of the lawyers was asking lotsssssssssss of questions which were not related!

Half way of the trial, furthermore, a lecturer who seemed like didn’t know much about the case appeared and became one of the witnesses. At the same time, one of the lawyers was missing. I noticed how the biologist (witness) became the lawyer and asked questions without knowing the motives (pity her lar… I like the way she speaks, very confident, and humble at the same time); I noticed how the lawyer suddenly appeared late with the face as if she had not done anything wrong; I noticed how the lecturer (witness) got irritated when she was asked with the same questions by the ‘fake’ and ‘real’ lawyer; and I noticed how the lecturer showed no respect to the court by leaving abruptly.

Just some of my thoughts. I am not qualified to comment, anyway. Haha… but I know chris would be happy to see this. Would you, chris?


Went to Seremban intended to renew my passport. Ended up didn’t make it because birth certificate is required. Spend some more money for the thing to be sent to me by courier. This put me into some thoughts too.

‘Calm down, calm down!’
At least, I still have someone beside me.

‘Don’t think too much about the money spent la. The most important is to get the thing done as soon as possible.’
I always thank god for giving me such a nice sister.

It is not so bad, after all.

Chris, I think I seriously got a bit enjoy of doing this le, it just seem like an expedition for me. But of course, too much of it would not be nice. Very sorry to drag you into this anyway. -_^

I actually haven’t finished the whole thing. I have been thinking so much, even about death. I want to jot them down here, so that I can analyze more also at the same time. Yet, I am so sleepy now. I only slept for 5 hours last night le. Continue when I got the time and the mood next time la. Tata~


3条回应 to “Pondering + Ruminating + Thinking”

  1. a1-32 said

    first of all..,i wanto thank u very much coz of ur help to bcom my juror..i should belanja u n pm ais-cream next time..ok?

    actually,in dis trial im quite “ching song” lar,oni that i felt nervous to go out n testified. infact my role 4 dis trial is damn”ching song”.. compare to d other 3. n to compare dis trial with d other trial i had b4, dis one much more “ching song”..

    n da one who go out to replace da lawyer is not the “biologist” ok..she is the “sociologist” with da name of Tammy Torrence(if i m not mistaken)..da biologist is Dr.Barry Bascoe(if im not mistaken)…. .. see, from the name u can see how much is da differences rite?

    hohoho.. juz glad that we finally make it..


    Ooo..i see, now u infected by pm edi lar..hohoho..,it will be much more better if da place hav lesser car..n noice..hee =p..

    hehehe..nvm we go again.. hopefully i can founds my slippers..

  2. abc^ said

    First of all, i din go for the trial for an ice-cream, k? I went for it for…………….. STEAMBOAT!!! Muahaha… no la, jz kidding… I went for it for …………… you should know la…..

    ok, I know this trial is more relaxed for you compared to the previous one. But, at least, after this trial, you feel so released, right?

  3. a1-32 said

    yop..steamboat??hmmmm..no time lar..but i oso want ..ahahaha


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