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Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 27, 2006

A lot of things I need to do or settle but there are always bunch of excuses for me not to finish them. I always wanted to get a piece of paper to list down the things I want to do but haven’t got the ‘chance’ to do so. Since I recall it now and am using the laptop, I think it’s not a bad choice also to have a to-do-list in my blog.

1. Go Maybank to redo my ATM card. The last one is canceled as my purse with the ATM card inside got stolen in INTI computer lab by a bastard from Africa.
2. Go buy the latest Microsoft Office cd and install it into my laptop. Until now, I’m still using the lousy WordPad in my laptop.
3. Go figure out how to transfer the pictures out from the digicam and burn to a cd to be sent to my cousin in Singapore. The pictures were taken when there’s no memory card in the digicam, so they are saved in the digicam itself instead of the memory card. There’s no cable to transfer the pictures from the digicam to the computer, so I will need to install the software to the computer so that the pictures can be transfered to the computer using wireless. (Only if it works.)
4. A bit interested in Tarot these days, trying to get one set of Tarot cards.
5. Clean my very very messy room.
6. Clean my mom’s room also.
7. Clean the living room……. because there are too much ‘rubbish’ of mine in the living room! hahaha….
8. Put the pictures my two nephews had done into an envelops and put on the stamps and post the thing. They wanted to have the KFC voucher and I promised to help them.
9. Go volunteer at PDK.
10. Help my mom and type and print something.
11. Decide where to further my study.
12. Do something for my friends who are going to leave for USA very soon.
13. Go meet some friends in Miri. It’s only 2 weeks left if I were to go Sunway.


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HELP or Sunway?

Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 21, 2006

-Famous in Psychology. (Heard that it’s the top in Malaysia?)
-Exemptions of 2 subjects

-Exemptions of 2.5 subjects.
-English speaking environment.
-About RM8000 cheaper than the tuition fee in HELP for 3-year program.
-Using animals for research purpose.
-Entry requirements for strict.

People, what should I do? HELP or Sunway???

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Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 20, 2006

I have just realised one thing; my previous post is longer than the length of the posts I normally write and it is written by using my laptop without connected to internet. So now, I’m using my laptop again, trying to see if it’s true that I would have longer post if I wasn’t online at the same time. Anyway, there’s a shortage of using this laptop because I have just formatted and it few weeks back and haven’t install Microsoft Office. I’m now using WordPad. I got a Microsoft Office cd but it’s not the latest one so I will wait until one day I got the chance to go and buy.

During this whole day, besides looking after the shop, I have been playing with my laptop. I check for its functions which haven’t been discovered by me this whole long; I investigate what those little icons at the taskbar are, then I check… lot’s of things I check la. Click here and there; see here and there. And then I went to IBM website and learnt that there were lots of updates for me to downlaod and install. In fact, I have known that there’s this website where I can download updates for my laptop but I hadn’t got the time to go check the updates one by one and think whether it’s needed by my laptop or not. Subkiller, what’s system update? I downloaded it just now and for installation, I’m required to charge my battery until full condition and use only battery, but not power-supply. I’m told that I need to have AC adapter properly conencted also. What’s Ac adapter? I got a bit scared when I see that the screen changed into black background and kept on stressing that I need to do this do that in order to have the installation run properly. Anyway, the installation is not done because it sensed that I was not using the battery. Hehe…

Have you realised that? I’m using the computer quite a lot these days for improving my knowledge about computer, but not only limited for chatting and friendster-ing. A good start, eh? I’m not really in the mood for chatting through MSN these days, except for some friends la. The reason is that I’m tired of answering people’s questions like ‘When are you going USA?’ Chris, now I hope that you can tell as much people as possible about me not going USA and my plan. In this way, I don’t need to answer sooooooooooooo many times for the same questions, release my burden. hehe… Oh~ or, you are facing the same problem too? And yah, I don’t wish you to go HELP, because I don’t wish to go there also. Hahahaha… surprise, eh? I’m always the one who are never scared of loneliness, and now… don’t know, just got a sudden feel that I don’t want to be alone.

*ycfoo was in the living room while typing this post. Later on, her sister switched on the tv and started watching drama, ycfoo’s stared only at the tv’s screen………….*

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Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 19, 2006

I’m now using my own laptop to type this post, instead of the desktop I usually use when I’m at home. Well, I have just finished typing an appeal letter and it’s already 1.05am now. It’s bed time but I feel like blogging. I don’t want to use the desktop as it got too much things that I might got distracted, and consequently using more time to complete the post. Ya, I got lotssss of downloaded movies and drama in the desktop, and the desktop is always connected so I can go surfing easily forgetting about the time. Ya, I must go to sleep early. My mom is seriously not happy with my sleeping time these few days. Her being not happy with me can make her scold me at ANY time on ANY single tiny thing! So, I better act properly these days. Furthermore, I really have a BAD sleeping timing, haven’t I? Plus, my mom says, ‘You sleep properly, maybe like this you can recover very fast!’ Hrmm… illogical? Not really. Sometimes, things just go on in a way we, human, describe as ‘unbelieable’. Agree? Agree? Plus, I want to be a guai guai lui! hahaha… Besides, it feels great when you wake up early and do something during day time. Like yesterday, I managed to clean my room and found out my nephew sleeveless sexy shirt deep inside the basket. So, new rules implemented today. No more throwing clothes everywhere but put them nicely in the shelves. And I will arrange the clothes properly set by set, a shirt with a short together, then another shirt and another short, then… So, they just need to take the one at the top, don’t need to find here and there, throw here and there. Last time, their clothes are put inside a big basket and they always go find the one they think suitable and throw the ones taken but not suitable aside on the chair or throw back into the basket. So, you can imagine, it’s soooooo messy together with their lotsssssss of toys beside. And and and… the most important thing is that……………………………… it’s my room!

And with the new rules, the younger nephew looks so darling today…………………. because I put the sleeveless shirt on top!!! Hahaha… and I heard something like this went on between my mom and my younger nephew:

‘See, this one so nice. You wear this today.’

‘Ha…? Don’t want!’

‘Cannot, xiao gu (me) put there one, must wear!’



As for today, I didn’t waste whole day doing nothing also. I went to L&P education center together with KC as the representative from HELP University College came here. Things were not going smoothly like expected. The agent told me to go over as she thought maybe I could argue for more subjects to be exempted and direct answer might be given. Ended up, the appeal letter mentioned above was requested by him. Ok, I know, some of you must be asking, ‘Huh? what have HELP got to do with you? I though you going USA to complete your AUP?’ Yea, time for announcement. Ladies and gentlemen, I, ycfoo am not going USA. Reason? Financial problem. FULLSTOP! no more question, can can? I’m tired, I’m tired of this, no more question please. As simple as it, financial problem!

So now, my choices are HELP University College and Sunway University College. I’m requiring for exemptions for some subjects which I have completed in INTI to do Bachelor’s of Psychology locally. So far, HELP offers me 2 subjects of exempations and Sunway only asked for more details for 4 subjects. HELP’s intake is October and Sunway’s intake is August. So, everything is not confirmed yet. DO NOT, please, DO NOT come over and ask ‘When are you leaving for studies?’ or ‘Which institution are you going?’ whatsoever related questions! HELP used to be my… hrmm… dream school? I don’t call it dream university because I wished to go there because of the famous psychology department, but not because of the whole university college. In fact, HELP’s buildings are very much separated. The students there always complain that they don’t have a college’s compound and they couldn’t enjoy the so-called ‘college life’ like other colleges’ students do. This is not a problem for me, as I have tried it before in INTI. I just… don’t need… kampung’s life. =PP Yet, HELP offers me too little examptions and honestly, I’m not happy with the representative from HELP, too rude as an advisor from HELP’s marketing office. Besides, between HELP and Sunway, which uni col’s tuition fee do you think is more expensive? Sunway, your answer yeah? I used to think like that too because Sunway is known for its expensive tuition fee. Ended up, HELP’s is more expensive. I’m told that because HELP is famous in Psychology course. Hrm…? I never know that they can have higher tuition rate just because they are famous? So, overall, after meeting the representative from HELP, I no longer think that HELP is as good as what I thought.
(At about the middle of this paragraph, I stopped and went to sleep. Continued the following night.)

As for Sunway, I hope that they will give me a firm answer before their Aug intake. I need, at least, some time to prepare if I were to go there.
So now I’m waiting(again), waiting for reply from these two uni col. If Sunway was to reply me first, and they really offer me 4 subjects of exemptions, I would take the offer directly. And if HELP was to reply me first, I got to see how many exemptions they offer me.

After meeting the representative and talked a bit with the agent, KC and I went to Boulevard Hypermarket to have some chat while enjoying some drinks. Thinking that I had had not drink coffe for quite a long time already (Since the day I brought lots of pills back from the clinic.), I order white coffee frappuccino. It tasted nice!! So nice that I hope I can have another glass now!! haha…

At night, I followed my sis to Pei Min Middle School to attend a talk about furthering studies in Taiwan. No la, I’m not planning to go Taiwan. I just went there to have a look, to improve some knowledge. I was like an observant in the talk last night and I got so much points to jot down when I first started this post. Yet……………. hehe…………. I’m too lazy. I’m tired now. I want to sleep already. Nite~ ke………….

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The first steps

Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 18, 2006

The more I look at the new template, the more I don’t like it! Haha… why? I’m not so sure. Hrm… somehow, it’s a bit old-fashion, isn’t it? Read a little about creating template last night but still couldn’t get the whole picture. I don’t know how to get started; I don’t know what tools I should have in the first place to get started; I don’t know… blah! I know, I know I need patience, I know I need to read more and more and more… it’s not like you can adapt any single knowledge easily just in one blink. On the other hand, I have learnt a little about feed. I’m not so sure about its functions but I guess it’s something like you can read your friends’ updates without checking at their sites one by one manually. How does it work? Hrm… maybe you go to one website and log in and the site will show you all the updates? So, in this way, you don’t need to waste your energy and time to type a lot of sites’ URL and find out that none of them has updated their sites. Am I right? Anyone out there can answer me? Though I’m not sure about its functions, I have registered to it and put the feed icon at my site. So, I have learnt here and there, bits about this and that. ‘Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama jadi bukit.’ I hope I will have the patience to go on…

I’m keeping things to myself recently. Haven’t you realized that, have you? Or you don’t care? Oh ya, who am I for you to care about? ycfoo ma, just a friend, a friend who can just disappear and I still go on with my life.

First, ………. (I typed the whole paragraph and deleted it later on. It’s a scar, a scar I don’t want to see.)


See? 4 more pills left. In fact, this picture is taken 2 days ago, and I have consumed the final one this morning! Yeap, no more super large pill!!! Haha… still have 9 more small pills to take, anyway, until the time I meet the doctor on 27th Jul. I hope by that time, everything will be fine, no more dating doctor, no more eating pills, no more painful, no more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Through MSN, Chris asked, ‘you still sick?’

She must be thinking that I got fever, as simple as that. Hoho~ Will talk about it later, not now. Now I wanna go o o d. Nite!~

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New template

Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 15, 2006

Wanted to change my blog’s template for a long time already but didn’t know how to make it. Was so envy whenever I paid a visit to others’ sites and found out that they got a nice or sweet blog’s skin. Today, finally, I found out the way.

Here you go, I’ve changed the template!!! Haha… Anyway, am not really satisfied with this template. It’s still not my ‘dream skin’. I could not find the one suits me best, so I would just give this template a try. Next, I’m going to investigate the way to create my own template. No more downloading, but creating my very own one!! hahaha… am I dreaming? Hrm… maybe. I know it’s not an easy job to create a template.

Ok, enough about the template.

So… what have I done these few days? Many things I have done and I feel so busy. Yet… still… I feel uncomfortable far deep inside my heart. I know I could have done more things, I know I should have a proper timetable. Sigh…

Besides paying visits to the doctor, looking after nephews (or just scolding?), help a bit at the shop(or just disturbing?), watching lotssss of movies and drama and going online, I have spent quite a lot of time on sleeping.

You see… I’m supposed to take my pills at 6am but I usually drag until 8 or 9am only I force myself to get out from my bed. Continue sleeping after the medicine even if I had had enough sleep because the pills make me sleepy. I will then sleep until 3pm or 4pm if nobody woke me up before that. Sometimes I need to look after the shop in the morning, so I would stay in the shop for 2 or 3 hours, after that go back to bed again until 3pm or 4pm if I need to go look after the shop. Otherwise, I could straight away sleep until 5pm or 6pm. Next, it’s 6pm!! Time to take pills!! Sleepy again after taking pills but I never allow myself to go to bed like that. I force myself to stay awake until around 12am. Around 12am, sleeping time until morning. And the cycle go on and on.

I’m not so sure whether it’s the effects of the pills or what, I always feel unconfortable especially the time after dinner and medicine. Sometimes feel like vomitting; sometimes feel that my whole body is very hot and I feel cold at the same time. No, I don’t have a fever! They will all gone after I wake up the second day and reappear again at night after dinner.

Argh, I don’t like this!!! I really don’t like this!!!

I’m tired. Time to sleep. Tata~

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painful kao kao

Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 6, 2006

Promised to go for volunteer with Kui Chun today, ended up went for a dating with a doctor. Wa~~~

See la, got so much medicine to consume.

Told KC to go for it tomorrow.

‘waa…. So painful…’

‘maaa…. Painful….’

‘painful aa…..’

‘Ahhhhhhhhhhh… so painful….’

‘ma…… very very very painful ah!!’

‘zhong (my nephew), xiao gu (small aunt) feel so painful’


This is how I past today. So, I think I’m going to break my promise for once more tomorrow.

Really, I feel so painful!!!!!!!!! The medicine is useless in discontinuing or even reducing the pain!!

I got another date with the doctor on next Monday, so I don’t know until when only I got the chance to go for the volunteer. Sigh…

PAINFUL LAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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School bullying in….. MIRI (sigh)

Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 5, 2006

Had a glass of self-made milky apple juice, had a meal of mom’s cooking. Couldn’t take bath after eating, thus went downstairs to go online. Like usual, click this and click that, surf this and surf that… DENG!!


Wah wah wah wah wah… no la, this guy must be joking. He wrote wrongly already, not Miri la…

The truth is… IT IS… wa~~~ what happened la my dear hometown??

Was in Singapore when the incident happened, so I am not sure about the exact date when it happened, am not sure whether the news came out in local newspaper, am not sure whether it frightened the people, not sure whether… What I’m sure about is that I feel sooooooooo……… *heart broken*

Ok la… I know I shouldn’t be so shocked to find out about this. I understand… oh, should be ‘we understand’ that these kind of ‘unbelievable’ incidence happen all around the globe… ok, make the area smaller. They happen everywhere in the country; just that we had not had the technologies to be so advance that almost every student has a hand phone with videotape function on hand.

Read from net that this is the second time the victim got beaten up. Wonder what the bullies are referring while saying ‘ni you jiang ma?’ They were asking if she had told someone that she got beaten up for the first time. The victim denied but they didn’t believe, wanted her to apology.

In my opinion, the victim had either told someone who cannot be trusted or she really didn’t tell anyone. Want to talk about the bullies? Go find authorities la! What for you tell your friend? Do not have the courageous? Then find a friend who can help you la, a friend who knows what the appropriate actions are. Anyway, the victim was smart in not fighting back. Otherwise, she would no longer claimed ‘victim’, but a bad student who fight!

Was thinking not to blog about this because no matter that, the girls are still underage. When more people blog about this issue, more people will then go and search for the video. Then, the people might blog about the issue also and the cycle go on and on and you know the consequences.

YET, when I found out that one of the bullies’ fathers is a gangster and because of this, the school’s principal was trying to cover up the news, I DECIDED TO BLOG about it!

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Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 2, 2006







John Locke 的 tabula rasa theory,我赞同。婴孩出生时,就像张白纸。





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Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 1, 2006


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