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School bullying in….. MIRI (sigh)

Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 5, 2006

Had a glass of self-made milky apple juice, had a meal of mom’s cooking. Couldn’t take bath after eating, thus went downstairs to go online. Like usual, click this and click that, surf this and surf that… DENG!!


Wah wah wah wah wah… no la, this guy must be joking. He wrote wrongly already, not Miri la…

The truth is… IT IS… wa~~~ what happened la my dear hometown??

Was in Singapore when the incident happened, so I am not sure about the exact date when it happened, am not sure whether the news came out in local newspaper, am not sure whether it frightened the people, not sure whether… What I’m sure about is that I feel sooooooooo……… *heart broken*

Ok la… I know I shouldn’t be so shocked to find out about this. I understand… oh, should be ‘we understand’ that these kind of ‘unbelievable’ incidence happen all around the globe… ok, make the area smaller. They happen everywhere in the country; just that we had not had the technologies to be so advance that almost every student has a hand phone with videotape function on hand.

Read from net that this is the second time the victim got beaten up. Wonder what the bullies are referring while saying ‘ni you jiang ma?’ They were asking if she had told someone that she got beaten up for the first time. The victim denied but they didn’t believe, wanted her to apology.

In my opinion, the victim had either told someone who cannot be trusted or she really didn’t tell anyone. Want to talk about the bullies? Go find authorities la! What for you tell your friend? Do not have the courageous? Then find a friend who can help you la, a friend who knows what the appropriate actions are. Anyway, the victim was smart in not fighting back. Otherwise, she would no longer claimed ‘victim’, but a bad student who fight!

Was thinking not to blog about this because no matter that, the girls are still underage. When more people blog about this issue, more people will then go and search for the video. Then, the people might blog about the issue also and the cycle go on and on and you know the consequences.

YET, when I found out that one of the bullies’ fathers is a gangster and because of this, the school’s principal was trying to cover up the news, I DECIDED TO BLOG about it!



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