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Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 19, 2006

I’m now using my own laptop to type this post, instead of the desktop I usually use when I’m at home. Well, I have just finished typing an appeal letter and it’s already 1.05am now. It’s bed time but I feel like blogging. I don’t want to use the desktop as it got too much things that I might got distracted, and consequently using more time to complete the post. Ya, I got lotssss of downloaded movies and drama in the desktop, and the desktop is always connected so I can go surfing easily forgetting about the time. Ya, I must go to sleep early. My mom is seriously not happy with my sleeping time these few days. Her being not happy with me can make her scold me at ANY time on ANY single tiny thing! So, I better act properly these days. Furthermore, I really have a BAD sleeping timing, haven’t I? Plus, my mom says, ‘You sleep properly, maybe like this you can recover very fast!’ Hrmm… illogical? Not really. Sometimes, things just go on in a way we, human, describe as ‘unbelieable’. Agree? Agree? Plus, I want to be a guai guai lui! hahaha… Besides, it feels great when you wake up early and do something during day time. Like yesterday, I managed to clean my room and found out my nephew sleeveless sexy shirt deep inside the basket. So, new rules implemented today. No more throwing clothes everywhere but put them nicely in the shelves. And I will arrange the clothes properly set by set, a shirt with a short together, then another shirt and another short, then… So, they just need to take the one at the top, don’t need to find here and there, throw here and there. Last time, their clothes are put inside a big basket and they always go find the one they think suitable and throw the ones taken but not suitable aside on the chair or throw back into the basket. So, you can imagine, it’s soooooo messy together with their lotsssssss of toys beside. And and and… the most important thing is that……………………………… it’s my room!

And with the new rules, the younger nephew looks so darling today…………………. because I put the sleeveless shirt on top!!! Hahaha… and I heard something like this went on between my mom and my younger nephew:

‘See, this one so nice. You wear this today.’

‘Ha…? Don’t want!’

‘Cannot, xiao gu (me) put there one, must wear!’



As for today, I didn’t waste whole day doing nothing also. I went to L&P education center together with KC as the representative from HELP University College came here. Things were not going smoothly like expected. The agent told me to go over as she thought maybe I could argue for more subjects to be exempted and direct answer might be given. Ended up, the appeal letter mentioned above was requested by him. Ok, I know, some of you must be asking, ‘Huh? what have HELP got to do with you? I though you going USA to complete your AUP?’ Yea, time for announcement. Ladies and gentlemen, I, ycfoo am not going USA. Reason? Financial problem. FULLSTOP! no more question, can can? I’m tired, I’m tired of this, no more question please. As simple as it, financial problem!

So now, my choices are HELP University College and Sunway University College. I’m requiring for exemptions for some subjects which I have completed in INTI to do Bachelor’s of Psychology locally. So far, HELP offers me 2 subjects of exempations and Sunway only asked for more details for 4 subjects. HELP’s intake is October and Sunway’s intake is August. So, everything is not confirmed yet. DO NOT, please, DO NOT come over and ask ‘When are you leaving for studies?’ or ‘Which institution are you going?’ whatsoever related questions! HELP used to be my… hrmm… dream school? I don’t call it dream university because I wished to go there because of the famous psychology department, but not because of the whole university college. In fact, HELP’s buildings are very much separated. The students there always complain that they don’t have a college’s compound and they couldn’t enjoy the so-called ‘college life’ like other colleges’ students do. This is not a problem for me, as I have tried it before in INTI. I just… don’t need… kampung’s life. =PP Yet, HELP offers me too little examptions and honestly, I’m not happy with the representative from HELP, too rude as an advisor from HELP’s marketing office. Besides, between HELP and Sunway, which uni col’s tuition fee do you think is more expensive? Sunway, your answer yeah? I used to think like that too because Sunway is known for its expensive tuition fee. Ended up, HELP’s is more expensive. I’m told that because HELP is famous in Psychology course. Hrm…? I never know that they can have higher tuition rate just because they are famous? So, overall, after meeting the representative from HELP, I no longer think that HELP is as good as what I thought.
(At about the middle of this paragraph, I stopped and went to sleep. Continued the following night.)

As for Sunway, I hope that they will give me a firm answer before their Aug intake. I need, at least, some time to prepare if I were to go there.
So now I’m waiting(again), waiting for reply from these two uni col. If Sunway was to reply me first, and they really offer me 4 subjects of exemptions, I would take the offer directly. And if HELP was to reply me first, I got to see how many exemptions they offer me.

After meeting the representative and talked a bit with the agent, KC and I went to Boulevard Hypermarket to have some chat while enjoying some drinks. Thinking that I had had not drink coffe for quite a long time already (Since the day I brought lots of pills back from the clinic.), I order white coffee frappuccino. It tasted nice!! So nice that I hope I can have another glass now!! haha…

At night, I followed my sis to Pei Min Middle School to attend a talk about furthering studies in Taiwan. No la, I’m not planning to go Taiwan. I just went there to have a look, to improve some knowledge. I was like an observant in the talk last night and I got so much points to jot down when I first started this post. Yet……………. hehe…………. I’m too lazy. I’m tired now. I want to sleep already. Nite~ ke………….


4条回应 to “Announcement”

  1. SubKi||er said

    LOL, so everyone going back to study starting next month -_-”

    HELP tuition fee more expensive than Sunway..wow..that’s good to know….

    Allow me to ask one question since i don’t see my question being posted above…

    What the heck does HELP means…??

    Sorry la, being first aider for one year and i only know ppl call for help for something nia, didn’t know there is a HELP college university…:D

  2. ycfoo^^ said

    Higher Education Learning Programme. So you don’t know thr’s a col uni called HELP or you just don’t know what does ‘HELP’ stand for?

    You start studying also la next month.

  3. SubKi||er said

    Both… 😛

    no..31 July..so its this month…

  4. ycfoo^^ said

    aiyam 31st u only go for orientation ma, classes oni start in Aug.


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