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Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 1, 2006

I woke up very early today, 8 o’clock in the morning, because the technicians came to my house to install a new air-con in my sisters’ room. I switched off my room’s air-con and opened the windows wide, a way to avoid myself to fall back into my bed.

Later on, I cleaned the kitchen as I was going to make some puddings. Oh ya, Pudding! Tell you, I’m making puddings for sales! This is the third batch of puddings which I’ve made for sales already. Although not much bucks are earned for selling those puddings (I’m selling a cup for only RM1), I’m happy for doing this. At least, I don’t waste the precious time doing nothing; at least, no one got the reason for calling me ‘rice worm’; at least, I got to learn ‘somethings’. And and and… you might not believe this but it is real, I like cooking! My hobby of cooking becomes visible since I was still a kid. DO NOT laugh! I’m serious! When I was still in primary school, I played with fire to cook those leaves while my mom was doing her work in the small farm. I loved to hear the sound of ‘cha cha…’ when I poured the water on the fake wok which was hot caused by the fire. When I was in primary three if I’m not mistaken, my mom gave me some sweet potatoes and I BBQ them using my own skills. I still remember that I got a small scar on one of my fingers on my right hand which only started to fade out recently. I hurt myself when I was trying to chop some branches into small pieces using an axe (or it was not an axe, but a ‘parang’ knife?).

So you see, I know cooking since I was still in primary school! I still remember I invited some friends to my house to try the french fries I fried when I was in… erm… primary 4 or 5. Of course not as nice as the one you get from KFC or McDonald or… but, ok lah… for a primary school student. Now recall, how come my mom allowed me to play with fire huh? I always used the wok at home to fry french fries or to fry some eggs without any adult’s guidance. It is so dangerous, isn’t it?

Fried eggs, fried rice, fried mee, fried chicken wings, spaghetti, simple vegetable dishes, simple soups I can do la. Just that, no more than that, my cooking skills just stopped at that level because I’m just too lazy. Haha… Plus, I was always busy with school work, no time no mood no energy to try out new things. My third sister is more hardworking than me, so she’s better in cooking. Hehe…

Ok, back to the pudding. Besides the chocolate pudding, apple pudding, cappuccino pudding and mixed fruit pudding I’m making these days, I’m investigating some pudding with new flavors, some flavors that you cannot get easily in the market. Hehe… All this long, I sell the pudding at my mom’s shop. The outcome was not so good though because not many people come to the shop (We got delivery service, so they seldom come to the shop), even if there are some customers, they most probably are businessmen who got no interest in Pudding. They got more interest in carbonated drinks which are more powerful to cool them up in those hot days instead.

Yesterday, 4 cups of apple puddings were sent to a small stall beside the primary school near my house. (Yeap, my primary school!) Just now, my mom told me that the 4 cups were all sold out and the taukeh nio asked for more!!! Yippie yippie!!! Do you know how happy I am??? Know know??? Kekeke… ok, I know, I know it’s just 4 cups of small thing, but but but… it just makes me feel great. It’s like, people appreciating your work. Keke… So, I will do cups to be sent to the stall tomorrow.

People in Miri, if you are having gatherings, party, or your parents got a shop or whatever reasons that you need some puddings, just contact me!! Drop me an email at yyuzzhu@hotmail.com or you can call me directly if you got my number. Only RM1 for one cup, cheap cheap nia! For my friends, if you want to try some, do not hesitate to come get from me. (Limited for my friends in Miri only of course.) Hehe…


4条回应 to “Pudding”

  1. a1-32 said

    happy 4 u ler bussiness gal..

  2. ycfoo^^ said


    You make me recall what my history teacher in high sch had told me. She said I’m suitable to be involved in business in the future.

  3. a1-32 said

    wanna change major?

  4. ycfoo^^ said

    ei… not a bad idea oso ho?–>


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