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Maybe HELP University College

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 3, 2006

Ok, I think I most probably will go HELP to further my study. I got the reply from HELP already and still, they only give me 2 subjects of exemptions. The representative from the Marketing Office asked me to register and pay for 50 bucks to study in HELP. He asked me to go HELP directly later on to talk to the head of Psychology Department. I’m tired of these entire appealing things already, not planning to do what he had told. Furthermore, maybe he just wanted to increase the number of students he had pulled during his visit in Miri, thus trying to give me an idea that I still got the chance to ask for more exemptions. Furthermore, if I were to go HELP, he will get two new students from Miri. Kui Chun is planning to go HELP but never did give the firm answer because I’m still considering the two Uni Col. He asked KC to register first while me waiting for the reply about the appeal but KC refused.

At first, I was not so happy with HELP’s management because they seem to do things very slow, not efficient at all. So, I told myself to opt for Sunway Uni Col directly if HELP didn’t give me an answer within the week the representative had promised. YET, after the week, I still couldn’t make a firm answer saying me going Sunway Uni Col when everyone asks about this. Then I realized, unconsciously, I think I haven’t given up my ‘dream school’. Moreover, my third sister is coming home from Singapore in August. I will not have the chance to meet her at home for this time if I were to go for Sunway’s August intake. It has been a long time since the whole family gathered together at home. It’s either me not at home when sister come back or sister not at home when I’m having my holidays at home. Furthermore, I plan to take up jobs during my semester breaks or even during school days when I go KL to continue my study. I’m going by my own expenses this time, no more scholarship, so I need to earn some bucks to lesser my family’s burden. Plus, the living expenses in KL are higher than the one in Nilai. So, this mean that I won’t be coming back home as often as last time when I was in Nilai. I used to go back home every one or two semesters when I was in Nilai. So, this time, maybe… once per year? Or two…

Besides, I enjoy my life at home very much these days, too comfortable that I don’t feel like leaving so soon!

Anyway, I haven’t really made the final decision. I always give time for the agent, for HELP Uni Col, and for Sunway Uni Col to give me the answers I need. This time, I got to give myself sometime to see if I can accept the choice of going HELP Uni Col. I’m going to go register together with KC next week if there is no accidents.


4条回应 to “Maybe HELP University College”

  1. Ang Gu Gu said

    slow and steady man =) chose the right one!

  2. a1-32 said

    is HELP dat bad?

  3. ycfoo^^ said

    ang gu gu: welcome here and thankiu! =))

    a1-32: ermm…? did I say so in the post? about the management?

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