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Blogger, WordPress and Xanga

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 10, 2006

Besides the time spent in the kitchen, I did use some time to browse through the net also. Other than looking for nice recipes on net, I tried to improve my knowledge about blogging and web-designing.

I always wanted to find a better template, to replace the one I’m using now, but couldn’t find any which can make me feel satisfied. I hope the creator of this template won’t read my blog. Otherwise, he or she must be very upset. =P Sorry, the creator of this template, your design is not bad, just that it is not so suitable for me. Hehe…

On the way looking for a new template, I found out about WordPress, and also Xanga. WordPress is something like Blogger, giving people free service of blogging while Xanga is a journal, more like an online diary as it is more private. I found that both of them have better functions than blogger, and the features of WordPress suit me more.

I like WordPress in the way that you can set certain posts as private that nobody can read them except you yourself. In this way, I don’t need to keep another blog for some very sensitive or private posts; I can just put everything in just one single blog. Besides, WordPress does have the function of categorization. Under this function, you can arrange different types of posts under several categories. I always wanted to have this category thingy in my blog but didn’t know how to make it in Blogger.

There are some more reasons why I prefer WordPress compared to Blogger and Xanga, but the above are the major ones. In short, WordPress does have the thing I need. So, I’m going to move to WordPress very soon. At that time, ycfoo’s is going to present in front of you with a new look, totally different look! (hope so! =PP)


8条回应 to “Blogger, WordPress and Xanga”

  1. a1_32 said


  2. SubKi||er said

    lol..that’s what you’re up too….but then where are you hosting it? wordpress.com???

  3. ycfoo^^ said

    a1-32: tz time change the place totally, not only the name. n hope tz is the last time lo..hehe…

    subkiller: yalar, if not wat u expect?

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