Smart Maxis

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 10, 2006

I received a message from Maxis yesterday telling that I got 100 points to be redeemed, and for those 100 points, I can get 200 free sms. So, I followed the instructions and redeemed the points.

Wow, 200 free sms to be sent out! I was so delighted because I have always heard from my friends that they got free sms from Maxis or Digi as rewards but I’ve never received this kind of thing. And 200!! It’s not 20; it’s 200!! 200 is not a small number; 200 is a lot!

And then I went and count:

1 sms to 012/017 = RM0.01 (The free sms are only allowed to be sent to Maxis users)
I got 200 free sms
So, 200 x 0.01



Smart Maxis!! They use 200 sms, instead of RM2 to confuse consumers, to make people think that Maxis is so generous to offer what a great number of sms as bonus!



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