Blogger BETA

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 17, 2006

Apparently, Blogger chooses to announce that it has implemented some great features when I migrate from ycfoo.blogspot to ycfoo.wordpress.

The features included are access control which allows you to set your blog in private, labels the categorization in WordPress, drag-and-drop way of layout maintenance, cleaner dash board and others.

Anyway, it is still under BETA version and not everyone got the chance to use it. I don’t know how they choose among so many accounts, but only the few lucky ones got the chance to have the first hand experience for the new version of Blogger.

I remember that I always see the word ‘beta’ in the last few days but I’m not sure whether I saw it from only hotmail or from both hotmail and Blogger. I logged in to Blogger account for twice yesterday and couldn’t find the word ‘BETA’; thus, I’m not the ‘lucky’ one.

In my case, anyway, I might be the lucky one for not being chosen to use the BETA version of Blogger. Since I just moved to WordPress, there are lots for me to explore. Otherwise, I might explore both at the same time and get  confused and finally give up half-way. Haha… Today, I spent lots of time exploring about CSS. So, now, I got a clearer picture about CSS. Yet, I still don’t really know how to use it to change the layout of the template.



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