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Cola chicken wings n sweet soup

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 20, 2006

Today is a busy day, and I feel so tired now. I was in the kitchen started from the time I woke up to prepare for dinner. Hahaha… Yeap, I didn’t wake up in the morning but 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Two dishes I made today.

This is Cola chicken wings!!! NICE NICE NICE!!! DAMN NICE!!! Love it so much. Too much work to prepare this dish though. I’m going to try a simpler version of recipe for this dish next time, see if they taste the same also.


This is another dish. A lot of work also because there are many materials needed.

Next week is school holiday, so I’m not going to make pudding for sales in the stall. Hrm… maybe a ‘sien’ day tomorrow?

 Hot hot hot… the weather is damn hot these days lar!!!


6条回应 to “Cola chicken wings n sweet soup”

  1. SubKi||er said

    My sister said the second dish looks like worms… 😛

  2. Chen said

    I tried making Cola chicken wings once in the past but didn’t turn out well 🙂

  3. ycfoo said

    subkiller: -_-””””””””””” help me to ask ur sis a question eh! I ever ‘de zui’ her without me realizing izzit?? How come she likes to ‘gek’ me so much one? duh!~

    Chen: Didn’t turn out well as in?

  4. i need yr recipe!! Thx 😛

  5. SubKi||er said

    aiyo…not necessarily “de zui” baru can ‘gek’ you mah…

  6. ycfoo said

    Jackson: Recipe? for the cola chicken wings or?/

    subkiller: *speechless*


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