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  • 31/10/2006 People, people... come find me if you want to buy prepaid cards, buy from me, I'm selling them, Digi, maxis, celcom... or you don't have streamyx and want to have it installed at your place, welcome to find me also... ok, that's all. Tata~
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3 races but 1 culture

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 22, 2006

Above was part of the conversation between Subkiller and I.

Terperasanted? Terperasan-ted


Somemore, I got somemore.

Rentable from Christina. Ren-t-able

And the more common ones:

Sembang-ing, makan-ing, angin-ing,

Genius! Malaysians are so clever, aren’t we?

We got Malay+English and Mandarin+English; but, where goes Mandarin+Malay? Hrm…


or… ter-xinku?



2条回应 to “3 races but 1 culture”

  1. SubKi||er said

    That’s why you asked for screen capture -_-”

    That’s why Malaysian are considered as a special race, language for one already win many ppl, not to mention out own bikin one 😀

  2. ycfoo said

    hehe, yeah lo…


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