3 races but 1 culture

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 22, 2006

Above was part of the conversation between Subkiller and I.

Terperasanted? Terperasan-ted


Somemore, I got somemore.

Rentable from Christina. Ren-t-able

And the more common ones:

Sembang-ing, makan-ing, angin-ing,

Genius! Malaysians are so clever, aren’t we?

We got Malay+English and Mandarin+English; but, where goes Mandarin+Malay? Hrm…


or… ter-xinku?



2条回应 to “3 races but 1 culture”

  1. SubKi||er said

    That’s why you asked for screen capture -_-”

    That’s why Malaysian are considered as a special race, language for one already win many ppl, not to mention out own bikin one 😀

  2. ycfoo said

    hehe, yeah lo…


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