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I’m so sien liaw

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 30, 2006

Mom: … you still remember that guy or not… neh, same age with you one, his mother works as a school bus driver one…

Me: …

Mom: He goes studying in government university liaw…

Me: So?

Mom: So… her sisters also studied in government university one… salary also few thousands… neh that one… the one same class with you…

Me: He where got same class with me!

Mom: No same class, same age with you one la. His mother got 5 daughters and one son, all study in government university one. Her daughter now working in KL, she helps to count the quantity of materials needed for construction one…


Auntie: When you going study again?

Me: End of September.

Auntie: Study what? Study that psychology again?

Me: Ya.

Auntie: Aiya, why don’t you study doctor. You study this one same with doctor also liaw, why don’t study doctor?

Me: No money.

Auntie: So waste la u… you get so good results should go study doctor one… aiya!

Me: …

Auntie: Then, you study this next time do what? … bla bla bla…

I’m so sien with all these ‘you la, didn’t want to choose government one’ and ‘you should have chosen doctor?’ … already, know or not? Really very sien liaw…. Really…

One day, I’m going to get a damn good job and earn damn lots of money!


8条回应 to “I’m so sien liaw”

  1. hi, drop by to say hi, hehe

  2. LOL…

    *pat pat*

    don worry la~!! i was once at that kind of phase too…SIAN HOH???

    nvm…WE CAN DO IT WAN!! lol

  3. ycfoo said

    Alysha Aka Weiwei: Welcome here! 🙂

    Pink Cotton: Ya ya… very very de sien!~

    Thanks for patting, nway. Make some diff~ 😉

  4. SubKi||er said

    lol…actually, psychologist are needed in almost every school around Malaysia if you intend to work for the government in the future. 😀

  5. ycfoo said

    subkiller: I’m not the one who don’t know about psychology’s work prospect neh.

  6. redsponge said

    ork! studying psychology….hmmmm that was my dream course to take up many years ago…

    HEY…is it a course u like?

  7. ycfoo said

    Redsponge: Sure sure… I choose what I like. 🙂

    many years ago? n now?

  8. ycfoo said



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