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Back to ICM

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 28, 2006

Reached Nilai safely yesterday and I’m now in ICM’s computer lab with Kui Chun sitting beside me. Hilarious, I studied in ICM for 2 years but had never stayed in the lab for longer than one hour except for the time I attended lab session of Computing course and now, I’m no longer ICM student, I stay here using the desktop for 2 hours! (or more?) No choice, I’m now in ‘jungle’, nothing better to do except to go online and my friend doesn’t have internet connection at her apartment. You may ask, I know, why am I here, instead of KL? Reason: We have not yet settled about the place to stay in KL!!!  

Not much changes to my old college; just that, I no longer can see the few familiar faces which I do miss now! Qi Xiang, Christina, Wee Jiet… bla bla bla… :`(  Qi Xiang!!! Are you reading this? I miss you so much! I got lots of update about you from Sze Hui le, you take good care there ya!!!  

Feel like to go
Singapore to find my sister, because… I’m just too weak; I want to escape from the not-so-bright road in front of me.

Got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough…………


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Chocolate chips cookies

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 25, 2006

I’m going to leave for KL on this Wednesday and I still have an unopened pack of unsalted butter in the refrigerator. I bought in because I planned to bake a chocolate cake because my sister likes chocolate so much. Ended up, I didn’t manage to gather all the materials needed; so, no chocolate cake! Hehe…


Checked and realized that the butter will be expire on this coming December, it will sure goes into the dustbin if I don’t use it now.


At the same time, I always wanted to try on this chocolate chips cookies and unsalted butter is needed in the recipe!


So, dang dang!!!


One more picture…

I only put half the quantity of chocolate chips mentioned in the recipe because … hrm… because I only have half the quantity lor… hahaha…

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Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 24, 2006

I was out having steamboat together with some friends last Friday. I was so excited about it because it has been really a long time since I last went for steamboat.

It was a hyper night, after so long.

Yeah, hyper hyper hyper…

Ew… miss those time, miss those time when I could go hyper so often…

Pressure hiking, go hyper!

Boring coming, go hyper!

Friends hyper, go hyper!

Celebrations time, go hyper!


Go hyper, for me, means…

play as you like

eat as you like

talk nonsense as you like

joke as you like

drunk as you like

ACT as you like!!!

Sigh… I’m still 21 years old le, how come I feel like as if I’ve lost the entertainment in life? ycfoo, wake up wake up!!! This time when I go KL, I must work hard hard, earn lots lots, and play hard hard!!! You can you can, ycfoo you can!!!


They are all my old friends. As always said, old friends are always the best. Yen Wei and Pete Lin from right were always by my side during the one year transition class in secondary school. The happiest year for my 3 years of life in secondary school. Kui Chun on the left, the one who was in the same kindergarten, same primary school, same secondary school, and same high school with me. Oh ya, she will be the one who go KL together with me this coming Wednesday.

No forgetting the photographer, Sit Min the one who sat beside me during the Form 5 year.

Friendship forever, really!!!

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Top WordPress.com blogs today somemore

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 22, 2006

Fuiyoh!~ What happened ah what happened? Can anyone please tell me what happened? How come suddenly become like this huh?

Top WordPress.com blogs today no. 4 à ycfoo’s

Fastest Growing WordPress.com blogs à ycfoo’s

…and also the Top Posts from around WordPress.com

*Wondering wondering*

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Fastest Growing Blog + Top Post

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 22, 2006


Notice that? Notice what I’m trying to show?


Fastest Growing WordPress.com blogs no.3 à ycfoo’s

And then…

Top Posts from around WordPress.com à 不稳定啊不稳定


Saw that?? Saw that??

That’s my blog and that’s my post!!!

When I saw that, I was like, ‘HUH? I got see wrongly or not?’

Closed my eyes for few seconds then reopen, ‘EH? True wo! That’s my blog le! I didn’t see wrongly! My eyes got no problem wo.’


Hehehe… happy for a while…


I wonder how they judge it lar… how is considered the fastest growing and how then is considered top post? What criteria they use in judging? Wonder wonder…



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Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 21, 2006






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Happy Birthday, Malaysia!

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 16, 2006

Ok lor… I know
Malaysia’s birthday past already, not today.

Should be like this then:



Happy Birthday,


And not forgotten…


Happy Birthday,


Confused confused? Very de confused? *shakes head* You got read history one or not oh? Even I the one who hate reading History so much also know that the two mentioned states’ birthday falls on 16th Sept, instead of the one called ‘National Day’ le…

Sarawak and Sabah must be very sad that nobody really celebrate their real birthday, sigh sigh… nevermind, ycfoo helps to celebrate.  So, this post is dedicated specially to Sarawak and Sabah, for their independence on 16th Sept!!! Here I present you the flag of Sarawak long long time ago… (Paiseh la Sabah, because I come from Sarawak, so I got to concentrate on her. Paiseh… paiseh…)

And then ho… become like this later on…

You know, our respected flag must be drawn like this….

But then ho, many people very ignorance lor, they go draw like this…


Har? You also the one who don’t know that our flag must be drawn like that? Aiyoh… too bad lar! But nvm, you are blessed that you come visit my blog, and now you know already loh!~ Hehe…

And ho, just few days ago, I found out that there’s a song called ‘Miri Kebanggaan Kami’. Wah, got miri song oh~ Now only I know that there’s a song produced specially for Miri oh~ (N Paiseh la Kuching, Bintulu, Sibu and other places in Sarawak, because Miri’s the place I grow up, so I got to concentrate more on her. Paiseh… paiseh… )

This is Miri Kebanggaan Kami version II, not the original one, got edited by people.

This is the one I came across first and what I though was, ‘aiyo… why any song related to the place I stay always so got no energy one… makes people no mood nia…’

You see ha…

Our national anthem starts like this, ‘Ne…ga…ra…ku…’

So slow motion, like got no energy like that… National anthem should be very energetic one mah~  

Then ho…
Sarawak song like this… ‘Sa…ra…wak…ta…nah…air…ku…’

So slow motion again…

And now Miri song also… -_-”

But then ho, I think Miri doesn’t want to disappoint me (hahaha…), so I found out that there’s another version of Miri song and that better one is the original song. YAY!!! Not bad the song, try to play it and listen.


Very energetic, right??? Ehehehe…

In fact, that song is created for Miri Proclamation Celebration.

MIRI THE BEST!!! Hohoho…

And then ho, I found out about a great site about Miri City. Go click on the nice picture which is taken from the site if u wanna know either Miri people stay in the jungle or not. Hehehe…



And if you were in the site, go click on ‘photo gallery’ and find the ‘education’ part.

You will find that a kid appears in all these 3 pictures. And… that kid ho… is ho… MY NEPHEW!!! Hahahaha…

No le… I don’t introduce the site to you just because my nephew being the ‘model’ le… that site memang very nice le, got so much useful information and nice nice pictures… especially the picture with my nephew… haha!!

Wow, was so surprise to ‘see’ my nephew on net~  

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Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 15, 2006



















那画面,再加上那句子。Wahseh 超经典的!









































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Do not take Panadols (Paracetmol)!!!

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 3, 2006

Below is a forward message I received.


My husband was working in a hospital as an IT engineer, as the hospital is planning to set up a database of its patient. And he knows some of the doctor quite well.

The doctors used to tell him that whenever they have a headache, they are not willing to take PANADOL (PARACETMOL). In fact, they will turn to Chinese Herbal Medicine or find other alternatives. This is because Panadol is toxic to the body, and it harms the liver. According to the doctor, Panadol will reside in the body for at least 5 years. And according to the doctor, there used to be an incident where an air stewardess consumes a lot of panadol during her menstrual as she needs to stand all the time. She’s now in her early 30’s, and she needs to wash her kidney (DIALYSIS) every month. As said by the doctor that whenever we have a headache, that’s because it is due to the electron/Ion imbalance in the brain. As an alternative solution to cope with this matter, they suggested that we buy 1 or 2 cans of isotonic drink ( eg.100PLUS), and mix it with drinking water according to a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 (simply, it means one cup 100plus, one cup water.or 2 cups water). Me and my husband have tried this on several occasions, and it seems to work well. Another method will be to submerge your feet in a basin of warm water so that it brings the blood pressure down from your throbbing head.

As Panadol is a pain killer, the more Panadol you take, the lesser would be your threshold for pain (your endurance level for pain).

We all will fall ill as we aged, for woman, we would need to go through childbirth. Imagine that we had spent our entire life popping quite a substantial amount of Panadol (Pain Killer) when you need to have a surgery or operation, you will need a much more amount of general anesthetic to numb your surgical pain than the average person who seldom or rarely takes Panadol. If you have a very high intake of Panadol throughout your life (Migraine, Menstrual cramps) it is very likely that normal general anesthetic will have no effects on you as your body is pumped full with panadol and your body is so used to pain killer that you would need a much stronger pain killer, Morphine??

Value your life, THINK b4 you easily pop that familiar pill into your mouth again.


First thought that came to my mind was ‘See la! I know panadol is not good one. Mom still asks me to take them whenever I’m not feeling well.’

Ironic, huh? Doctors themselves do not trust the usage of Panadols, but they use them on their patients. Doctors help to safe life? Your head! I know I shouldn’t generalize, but I just can’t help…

I never take pills when I was young. (Of course now I’m still young, I mean… when I was very very very young. Get me? 😉 ) Main reason was that I couldn’t swallow those pills no matter how hard I tried. (Mom forced me to; and honestly, I don’t like to see the worry face) Other than that, I hate doctors so much that I got myself into a mind-set that doctors are bad; doctors are so bad that they use the profession to achieve their own mean end, instead of helping people. Back then, I didn’t know there’s such thing as ‘generalization’. So, I tried very hard not to have any appointment with any doctor when I was not feeling well. You see, I could just stay at home sick for the whole week, refusing to go meet a doctor. Of course this happened only starting… hrmm… since I was 12 years old? Before that time, my mom could always force me to… either using tricks or just pulled me into the car and sent me to the clinic.

For me, the best medicine would be to rest, and let the antibiotics in our body to fight for our health. So, while in high school, I skipped lotsss of classes. Once I feel even a bit uncomfortable, I would skip the classes. My attendance was very very low back then… 70%? Or lower? You might see my seat empty today, occupied the next day, and the following day empty again. People might think that I wasn’t sick, I was just plain lazy. I don’t care. I want to rest, so I didn’t turn up in school.

But then, in college, I no longer can do like that because… *sigh*
1. Pop quizzes!!!
2. No full attendance, no bonus!!!
3. Sick on the day test was held? Present MC!!!
4. Always skip classes, lecturer boh-song you, useless also you performed very well in exams!!!
5. Absence more than twice? Warning letters to be sent out!!!
6. … bla bla bla…

So… no choice lar… got to force myself to classes even if I were sick. Then, not enough rest, sickness become more serious, then must consume pills, and then must present MC…

But then… my attendance was not that high also in college lor… for certain subjects only lar… when the lecturers were the type who didn’t care about attendance, or … hehe…

Good thing now, I know about the other 2 alternatives. Got to try them, instead of facing those mean doctors! (I know I generalize again… don’t care! I just don’t like doctors!)

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Cheese tart

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 1, 2006



My work today, cheese tart.

Found out that there was no more flour when I got everything ready except flour.

Only realized that I had mistaken whipping cream as cream cheese when I had mixed everything together and beated.

Heated my finger accidentally that I got two small ‘bulbs’ on my fingers now.

Things aren’t  going smoothly today…

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