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Cheese tart

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 1, 2006



My work today, cheese tart.

Found out that there was no more flour when I got everything ready except flour.

Only realized that I had mistaken whipping cream as cream cheese when I had mixed everything together and beated.

Heated my finger accidentally that I got two small ‘bulbs’ on my fingers now.

Things aren’t  going smoothly today…


7条回应 to “Cheese tart”

  1. SubKi||er said

    Tapao some for me, i look like chicken wing right now…kelian me a little bit!! 😀

  2. ycfoo said

    Chicken wing means wat o?

    someone asks for the cheese tart I made…. so, got attracted d ler? muahahaha…..

  3. wah
    mistaken whipping cream for cheese cream??then how ur cheese tart?bcome cream tart ar? kekeke

    but still looks nice ler…SLURP 🙂

  4. ycfoo said

    Pink Cotton: no lar…. I sempat changed back to cream cheese later on …. so I wasted my whipping cream and some other mixed materials lor… *tsk tsk… so expensive le the whipping cream!*

  5. redsponge said

    wak! so pandai one u…

    Looks not bad, but does it taste ok?

  6. ycfoo said

    Redsponge: look not bad, taste not bad oso… hehe…

    of coz not as nice as the one sold in the market, but ok ok lor… can eat can eat… my first time neh~

  7. SubKi||er said

    never ask a chef how his/her food taste, because they will say not bad no matter what… 😀

    My dad is one of the case…


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