Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 1, 2006

Because of some stupid ones, I’m not in a good condition today.

Not that my EQ is that low. I don’t make myself to seem like in a deep shit just for someone who I’ve never met. The problem is that, what they’ve done influence me; influence my future to be more particular.

I though I already accepted the reality, accepted the truth that because of those stupid ones, and because I’m not rich, I got to opt for the one not the best; the one I might make myself regret in the future.

Ended up… the idea keeps come across my mind, no matter what I’m doing. I may be laughing happily in this very second, but feel so hard that it feels like someone use an axe to chop me until many small pieces. SO PAINFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLL……………………..

I just got to say this…..













2条回应 to “SHIT!!!”

  1. SubKi||er said

    Sorry, but tha…i don’t understand a bit!! 😀

  2. ycfoo said

    ‘a bit’ nia? good tat u r not saying tat u don understand at all lo. keke…


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