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Happy Birthday, Malaysia!

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 16, 2006

Ok lor… I know
Malaysia’s birthday past already, not today.

Should be like this then:



Happy Birthday,


And not forgotten…


Happy Birthday,


Confused confused? Very de confused? *shakes head* You got read history one or not oh? Even I the one who hate reading History so much also know that the two mentioned states’ birthday falls on 16th Sept, instead of the one called ‘National Day’ le…

Sarawak and Sabah must be very sad that nobody really celebrate their real birthday, sigh sigh… nevermind, ycfoo helps to celebrate.  So, this post is dedicated specially to Sarawak and Sabah, for their independence on 16th Sept!!! Here I present you the flag of Sarawak long long time ago… (Paiseh la Sabah, because I come from Sarawak, so I got to concentrate on her. Paiseh… paiseh…)

And then ho… become like this later on…

You know, our respected flag must be drawn like this….

But then ho, many people very ignorance lor, they go draw like this…


Har? You also the one who don’t know that our flag must be drawn like that? Aiyoh… too bad lar! But nvm, you are blessed that you come visit my blog, and now you know already loh!~ Hehe…

And ho, just few days ago, I found out that there’s a song called ‘Miri Kebanggaan Kami’. Wah, got miri song oh~ Now only I know that there’s a song produced specially for Miri oh~ (N Paiseh la Kuching, Bintulu, Sibu and other places in Sarawak, because Miri’s the place I grow up, so I got to concentrate more on her. Paiseh… paiseh… )

This is Miri Kebanggaan Kami version II, not the original one, got edited by people.

This is the one I came across first and what I though was, ‘aiyo… why any song related to the place I stay always so got no energy one… makes people no mood nia…’

You see ha…

Our national anthem starts like this, ‘Ne…ga…ra…ku…’

So slow motion, like got no energy like that… National anthem should be very energetic one mah~  

Then ho…
Sarawak song like this… ‘Sa…ra…wak…ta…nah…air…ku…’

So slow motion again…

And now Miri song also… -_-”

But then ho, I think Miri doesn’t want to disappoint me (hahaha…), so I found out that there’s another version of Miri song and that better one is the original song. YAY!!! Not bad the song, try to play it and listen.


Very energetic, right??? Ehehehe…

In fact, that song is created for Miri Proclamation Celebration.

MIRI THE BEST!!! Hohoho…

And then ho, I found out about a great site about Miri City. Go click on the nice picture which is taken from the site if u wanna know either Miri people stay in the jungle or not. Hehehe…



And if you were in the site, go click on ‘photo gallery’ and find the ‘education’ part.

You will find that a kid appears in all these 3 pictures. And… that kid ho… is ho… MY NEPHEW!!! Hahahaha…

No le… I don’t introduce the site to you just because my nephew being the ‘model’ le… that site memang very nice le, got so much useful information and nice nice pictures… especially the picture with my nephew… haha!!

Wow, was so surprise to ‘see’ my nephew on net~  


7条回应 to “Happy Birthday, Malaysia!”

  1. SubKi||er said

    you ar..don’t know how to say….


  2. ycfoo said

    yes??? 😛

  3. SubKi||er said

    Where are you lately, can’t see you on MSN one…

    i need to find doctor ler..haha

  4. ycfoo said

    was back to Neptune. Anyway, here I am on the earth again.

    doctor??? here don haf doc ler……

  5. diddy said

    Wow! nice blog! Thanks for visiting mine too!

  6. Sarawak tanah air ku…
    quiet long time didn’t sing this song liao…cham a bit forget…
    i think 16 sep must setuo the holiday for us la, coz Sarawak join the Malaya and become Malaysia…

  7. ycfoo said

    Diddy: Welcome!!!

    Pinky_Piglet: Yeah, at least… there should be some celebrations going on ma…


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