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  • 31/10/2006 People, people... come find me if you want to buy prepaid cards, buy from me, I'm selling them, Digi, maxis, celcom... or you don't have streamyx and want to have it installed at your place, welcome to find me also... ok, that's all. Tata~
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Fastest Growing Blog + Top Post

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 22, 2006


Notice that? Notice what I’m trying to show?


Fastest Growing WordPress.com blogs no.3 à ycfoo’s

And then…

Top Posts from around WordPress.com à 不稳定啊不稳定


Saw that?? Saw that??

That’s my blog and that’s my post!!!

When I saw that, I was like, ‘HUH? I got see wrongly or not?’

Closed my eyes for few seconds then reopen, ‘EH? True wo! That’s my blog le! I didn’t see wrongly! My eyes got no problem wo.’


Hehehe… happy for a while…


I wonder how they judge it lar… how is considered the fastest growing and how then is considered top post? What criteria they use in judging? Wonder wonder…




7条回应 to “Fastest Growing Blog + Top Post”

  1. WOAH!!!


    how they judge hor?mebe number of views for that post 😛

  2. SubKi||er said


  3. Evan said

    hi there, nice blog 🙂

  4. ycfoo said

    Pink Cotton: Thank you! According to the no. of views for da post? Hrm… hrm… And today, my blog become the Top WordPress.com blog today. weird… -_-”

    Subkiller: spamming as in commenting? or…??

    Evan: Thank you! I like your blog too, soooooooo much nice food! hehe…

  5. diddy said

    congrats! You’re site is getting rather popular! keep up the good work

  6. wow…taniah o…ah moi….just keep it up o…

  7. ycfoo said

    Diddy n Pinky_Piglet: Thanks… but feel like.. hrm.. not so comfortable to receive those ‘congrats’. weird… not tat I have done sth great… haha…


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