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Chocolate chips cookies

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 25, 2006

I’m going to leave for KL on this Wednesday and I still have an unopened pack of unsalted butter in the refrigerator. I bought in because I planned to bake a chocolate cake because my sister likes chocolate so much. Ended up, I didn’t manage to gather all the materials needed; so, no chocolate cake! Hehe…


Checked and realized that the butter will be expire on this coming December, it will sure goes into the dustbin if I don’t use it now.


At the same time, I always wanted to try on this chocolate chips cookies and unsalted butter is needed in the recipe!


So, dang dang!!!


One more picture…

I only put half the quantity of chocolate chips mentioned in the recipe because … hrm… because I only have half the quantity lor… hahaha…


7条回应 to “Chocolate chips cookies”

  1. look yummy o ychoo^^…i wan to eat the Chocolate chips cookies la…feel hungry lehh…so lihai, u know how to make potato balls and cookies also…i don’t know how to do at all la…

  2. ycfoo said

    haha… not so pro oso.. jz tat I got a really long holiday at home, so ma search for recipes on net den try on them lor… not so hard actually…

  3. diddy said

    hi ycfoo! yours look good! Did you subsitute anything in the recipe or try to cut back on the sugar? I know if you cut back on the sugar, the carmelization effects won’t be as much and this won’t brown it that much. Also, the oven temperature may need to be increased if your cookies are smaller b/c mine were big, which was why I used a lower temperature to make sure it was cooked through.

  4. ycfoo said

    I didn’t alter anything in the recipe except for the choc chips as I mentioned in the post. I didn’t cut back on the sugar… but… they taste soooooo sweet! About the temperature, I’m not so sure, because… erm… I’m using the traditional type of oven which shows no temperature. haha… anyway, thanks ya… 🙂

  5. SubKi||er said

    Have a safe trip to K.L again 😀

    Enjoy your life 😛

  6. redsponge said


    enjoy ur LONG holiday at home ya??

    Hope u enjoy in KL too! =)

  7. ycfoo said

    Subkiller: Thankiu thankiu… n sure, enjoy my life!!!

    Redsponge: Anyway, my LONG holiday ended d… huhuhu… KL? ya, hope tat I do enjoy my life here!!! Thanks!


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