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Da Vincci Code

Posted by ycfoo 于 十月 3, 2006

The-person-in-charge bluffed us that we can move in the house in KL immediately if we wanted to because the place is empty. Ended up, there are still people inside the room and we could only move in next Monday. So, I got to stay in Nilai for more days.

Dear Sze Hui has gone to copy some dramas from her friend. Waited for her and ended up, I’ve watched all the dramas she copied! Thus, now, my two friends are sitting beside me watching the Korean drama ‘palace’ and me here surfing inside my laptop. Found ‘The Da Vinci Code’ ebook I received from a friend long time ago, and decided to read it. Only two chapters I’ve read and I feel like ‘ew… so brutal the things the person had done in the scene.’

P/s: Written few days ago when I was still at Nilai.

‘Grasping the buckle, he cinched it one notch tighter, wincing as the barbs dug deeper into his flesh’
Chapter 2, The Da Vinci Code

Gosh, so cruel! Anyway, I do agree that pain is good, at certain times, to cleanse the sins.

This makes me recall the time when I took Religion course in ICM in my last semester here. It was a great one, except for the truth that I didn’t like the lecturer, a lecturer who doesn’t know the concept of justice. For so many times, I got interested in the thing mentioned in the course that I jotted down the points and decided to search for more information about them. And, as always, I didn’t make it! If I were to have more time, I would have made myself on bed. *grin*

The thing I remember the most is that, it is said that, Religion has a lot to do with psychology. I do agree with this. Say, meditation. In religion, it is said that meditation is good, to be closer to The Great One; in psychology, it is said that meditation is good, to be closer to ourselves. What I think is that, there are many interventions between religion and psychology. Just that, they are illustrating things from different perspectives

Just my two cents.


3条回应 to “Da Vincci Code”

  1. SubKi||er said

    LOL, seems that you got very good imagination because not everyone understand how brutal is brutal until you watch Passion Of Christ.

    And i thought everything is related to psychology.

  2. ycfoo said

    Passion of Christ…. hrm… I don’t remember whether I watched or not but sound familiar lor… during the time I took Religion course, I watched quite a lot of these lor… the most I like is the one about Jewish but I don’t remember about the name d…. then there’s another one about muslim… Passion of Christ, I think I watched till half nia lor…

    So surprised that u said that ‘everything is related to psy’ lor… seldom ppl will say tat lo…

  3. SubKi||er said

    Because seldom and normal doesn’t apply to me!! -_-“


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