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Life at Bangsar

Posted by ycfoo 于 十月 28, 2006

Life’s good these days.

Although I don’t have a temporary full time job, I got a part time job during weekends.

Although I keep on thinking nonsense during bedtime, I got a laptop and internet access to go online.

Although….. hrmm… I think I better stop here, before someone claims me as complain queen again.

I stayed at my friend’s place at bangsar for most of the days in the past 2 weeks as my working place is very near to her house and she needs someone to accompany her. So, here I show you some pictures about my life at bangsar.


 FOOD!!! Food is always the most important! hehe… I like this restaurant called Nirvana, they serve very nice food! They also serve this very special meal called nasi pisang leaf. Smart those people, as we can see that they manage to attract many people with their nasi pisang leaf.



 TEH AIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They got the BEST TEH AIS I’ve consumed so far!!! So strong the taste!!!!!!!!!! Damn nice!!!!!!!!!!



 The place I worked for 6 days.



 Nothing better to do… when that bad bad Iris didn’t let me have any chance to use the laptop.



Bruise!!! I got lotssss of bruises after staying for days at Iris’ place. I don’t know whether its this Iris who got the weird habit of waking up at the middle of night to torture me or…. WeIrdDDD…. huh???




2条回应 to “Life at Bangsar”

  1. kampungkai said

    er… love bite?! ahhahahha
    looks at those nails, they are so long man! it scares me ok? where is Nirvana around bangsar? i only know Darul Salam mamak, near the clubber’s paradise.

  2. ycfoo said

    wah… not love bite lar… love bite so big one meh??? keke… Nirvana oso near the clubber’s paradise wo… nearer to bangsar village i think…


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