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Bangsar life 2

Posted by ycfoo 于 十一月 17, 2006

Iris said, ‘Why you never update your blog one? Never see you update your blog here?’


Oh dear, for your information, I need to have a quiet and comfortable environment to update my blog. Hehe… nop, I’m not complaining, I’m just answering your question. Well, life in bangsar together with Iris is always noisy. Noisy noisy and noisy… she likes to shout, and so as me! The situation gets worse when dear Ying Hong is here. Three persons communicate by shouting for most of the time.


Yeah, I’m experiencing another type of lifestyle. I do like it.


I am a quiet person. I don’t like to talk so much, at least not as much as most of my friends. I get annoyed very easily. I need to have a lot of my very own time, to think, to read, to write, to ruminate, to enjoy… to enjoy myself… the very own self…


Oh ya, another reason that I hardly update my blog: Iris always concurs the laptop!!! And yeah, now I’m complaining! Kekeke…


What am I doing recently? Working as a part time promoter in a supermarket in Bangsar.


I complained, ‘Why do I still need to work as a promoter when I already own a diploma level of cert.’ I’m not discriminating; I never think that promoter is a low level of job. But, it’s damn tired, ya know? Otherwise, why do we spend so much time, energy and money to study?


But then, later on, I slowly gave up looking for office job. I even felt so stressed and worried that the company which I attended the interview would call me to ask to go for work. Funny, huh? Yeah, I am such a weird person.


Why, eh? Coz I found out that working as a promoter might be suitable for me in some ways. This job is challenging that you might encounter things that you wouldn’t have expected at all. Tiring still, but I got to see more things, and to observe people’s behavior. Really, you got to admit this; we have countless types of people in this world!


I only work part time as a promoter, means that I usually go to work only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. So, I have another two part time jobs. I work for MyMode, an e-business to deal with selling prepaid cards. Promote a bit here… you are welcomed to find me when you need to top up your phone. You are very welcomed also to find me if you are interested to be an agent for prepaid cards. Another job is that if you wanted to install streamyx at your place, you can always contact me.


Oh ya, another important thing!!!

There are some problems with my old MSN Account, so I have a new one: ycfoo6_6@hotmail.com  Add me if you haven’t do so!


Here is the link about the MyMode business I’m doing. You can always register as a free member and surf through the site.


Contact me if you have any enquiries.




p/s: This post i wrote around a week ago, now only I got the chance to post. Reason: I forgot my password!!!! hahaha…!!!!


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Life at Bangsar

Posted by ycfoo 于 十月 28, 2006

Life’s good these days.

Although I don’t have a temporary full time job, I got a part time job during weekends.

Although I keep on thinking nonsense during bedtime, I got a laptop and internet access to go online.

Although….. hrmm… I think I better stop here, before someone claims me as complain queen again.

I stayed at my friend’s place at bangsar for most of the days in the past 2 weeks as my working place is very near to her house and she needs someone to accompany her. So, here I show you some pictures about my life at bangsar.


 FOOD!!! Food is always the most important! hehe… I like this restaurant called Nirvana, they serve very nice food! They also serve this very special meal called nasi pisang leaf. Smart those people, as we can see that they manage to attract many people with their nasi pisang leaf.



 TEH AIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They got the BEST TEH AIS I’ve consumed so far!!! So strong the taste!!!!!!!!!! Damn nice!!!!!!!!!!



 The place I worked for 6 days.



 Nothing better to do… when that bad bad Iris didn’t let me have any chance to use the laptop.



Bruise!!! I got lotssss of bruises after staying for days at Iris’ place. I don’t know whether its this Iris who got the weird habit of waking up at the middle of night to torture me or…. WeIrdDDD…. huh???



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Desa Kiara Condominium

Posted by ycfoo 于 十月 9, 2006

I applied for the tuition job through tuitionplaza.com and ended up… I got cheated!!! I’m so poor already still want to cheat my money! Sigh… Still in the process of hunting for jobs nowadays. Today is Monday, the first working day of another week again; really hope that I can get a job within this week.

Here I post some pictures of the place I’m staying now.








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Back to ICM

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 28, 2006

Reached Nilai safely yesterday and I’m now in ICM’s computer lab with Kui Chun sitting beside me. Hilarious, I studied in ICM for 2 years but had never stayed in the lab for longer than one hour except for the time I attended lab session of Computing course and now, I’m no longer ICM student, I stay here using the desktop for 2 hours! (or more?) No choice, I’m now in ‘jungle’, nothing better to do except to go online and my friend doesn’t have internet connection at her apartment. You may ask, I know, why am I here, instead of KL? Reason: We have not yet settled about the place to stay in KL!!!  

Not much changes to my old college; just that, I no longer can see the few familiar faces which I do miss now! Qi Xiang, Christina, Wee Jiet… bla bla bla… :`(  Qi Xiang!!! Are you reading this? I miss you so much! I got lots of update about you from Sze Hui le, you take good care there ya!!!  

Feel like to go
Singapore to find my sister, because… I’m just too weak; I want to escape from the not-so-bright road in front of me.

Got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough, got to be tough…………

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Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 24, 2006

I was out having steamboat together with some friends last Friday. I was so excited about it because it has been really a long time since I last went for steamboat.

It was a hyper night, after so long.

Yeah, hyper hyper hyper…

Ew… miss those time, miss those time when I could go hyper so often…

Pressure hiking, go hyper!

Boring coming, go hyper!

Friends hyper, go hyper!

Celebrations time, go hyper!


Go hyper, for me, means…

play as you like

eat as you like

talk nonsense as you like

joke as you like

drunk as you like

ACT as you like!!!

Sigh… I’m still 21 years old le, how come I feel like as if I’ve lost the entertainment in life? ycfoo, wake up wake up!!! This time when I go KL, I must work hard hard, earn lots lots, and play hard hard!!! You can you can, ycfoo you can!!!


They are all my old friends. As always said, old friends are always the best. Yen Wei and Pete Lin from right were always by my side during the one year transition class in secondary school. The happiest year for my 3 years of life in secondary school. Kui Chun on the left, the one who was in the same kindergarten, same primary school, same secondary school, and same high school with me. Oh ya, she will be the one who go KL together with me this coming Wednesday.

No forgetting the photographer, Sit Min the one who sat beside me during the Form 5 year.

Friendship forever, really!!!

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Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 21, 2006






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Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 16, 2006

Because of this…




and THIS!!!!!!


ycfoo falls sick already…

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