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Chocolate chips cookies

Posted by ycfoo 于 九月 25, 2006

I’m going to leave for KL on this Wednesday and I still have an unopened pack of unsalted butter in the refrigerator. I bought in because I planned to bake a chocolate cake because my sister likes chocolate so much. Ended up, I didn’t manage to gather all the materials needed; so, no chocolate cake! Hehe…


Checked and realized that the butter will be expire on this coming December, it will sure goes into the dustbin if I don’t use it now.


At the same time, I always wanted to try on this chocolate chips cookies and unsalted butter is needed in the recipe!


So, dang dang!!!


One more picture…

I only put half the quantity of chocolate chips mentioned in the recipe because … hrm… because I only have half the quantity lor… hahaha…


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Potato Balls

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 12, 2006

I made the potato balls again last night. And this time, I managed to take some pictures.






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American English vs British English

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 11, 2006

Suppose to be on bed now but… I went to bed at 9pm last night and I woke up after 9am this morning. So, even though I’m a bit sleepy, I can’t fall asleep when I’m on the bed. Rather than to lie on the bed until early morning, I choose to go online. Hehe…

Finally, went to register for HELP Uni Col this afternoon together with Kui Chun. We planned to go register at 10am and then go shopping. But, I was told in the morning that I needed to look after the shop, so we changed to 2pm. By the time we finished registering at the consultant center, the wind was blowing so strongly outside. So, you are right! We canceled the shopping and went back home. Why ah why? What happened to the weather in Miri ah? How come the wind blows so strongly everyday ah? What message does the wind want to send ah? Wind ah wind, go away!!!

This afternoon while talking to the agent, I suddenly realized that I need to switch back to British English already. Yaya, Malaysia’s education is using British English and I have had used that for my many years of education in kindergarten, primary school, and high school. But you know, I was under AUP when I was in INTI, and for your information, AUP stands for American University Program. Thus, at that time, I switched to American English. Two years of American English, and now I need to switch back to British English once I start my course in HELP Uni Col. -_-”

Although there are only a little bit of differences, but I scare later I accidentally write the America version of English when I need to write something or answer some papers in a limited time in HELP’s studies.

And although there are only a little bit of differences, I prefer American English!

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Blogger, WordPress and Xanga

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 10, 2006

Besides the time spent in the kitchen, I did use some time to browse through the net also. Other than looking for nice recipes on net, I tried to improve my knowledge about blogging and web-designing.

I always wanted to find a better template, to replace the one I’m using now, but couldn’t find any which can make me feel satisfied. I hope the creator of this template won’t read my blog. Otherwise, he or she must be very upset. =P Sorry, the creator of this template, your design is not bad, just that it is not so suitable for me. Hehe…

On the way looking for a new template, I found out about WordPress, and also Xanga. WordPress is something like Blogger, giving people free service of blogging while Xanga is a journal, more like an online diary as it is more private. I found that both of them have better functions than blogger, and the features of WordPress suit me more.

I like WordPress in the way that you can set certain posts as private that nobody can read them except you yourself. In this way, I don’t need to keep another blog for some very sensitive or private posts; I can just put everything in just one single blog. Besides, WordPress does have the function of categorization. Under this function, you can arrange different types of posts under several categories. I always wanted to have this category thingy in my blog but didn’t know how to make it in Blogger.

There are some more reasons why I prefer WordPress compared to Blogger and Xanga, but the above are the major ones. In short, WordPress does have the thing I need. So, I’m going to move to WordPress very soon. At that time, ycfoo’s is going to present in front of you with a new look, totally different look! (hope so! =PP)

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Smart Maxis

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 10, 2006

I received a message from Maxis yesterday telling that I got 100 points to be redeemed, and for those 100 points, I can get 200 free sms. So, I followed the instructions and redeemed the points.

Wow, 200 free sms to be sent out! I was so delighted because I have always heard from my friends that they got free sms from Maxis or Digi as rewards but I’ve never received this kind of thing. And 200!! It’s not 20; it’s 200!! 200 is not a small number; 200 is a lot!

And then I went and count:

1 sms to 012/017 = RM0.01 (The free sms are only allowed to be sent to Maxis users)
I got 200 free sms
So, 200 x 0.01



Smart Maxis!! They use 200 sms, instead of RM2 to confuse consumers, to make people think that Maxis is so generous to offer what a great number of sms as bonus!

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Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 9, 2006

Life is not filled with boredom nowadays. Like I have told in my previous post, I spent most of my time in the kitchen these days, besides hanging out with some friends and helping at the shop. Ew…I like this kind of life, busy with something yet pressure-less.

*The wind blows soooooooooo strongly outside while ycfoo sits in the office alone staring at the screen*

*ycfoo is away for half an hour because Yen Wei dear called. She misses ycfoo. Yen Wei said she misses ycfoo especially when the wind blows so strongly -_-”*

My pudding business is not so good this week because it keeps on raining and raining and raining…

I tried to do some orange pudding using the real orange, not the type adding flavor powder or flavor oil only, but it wasn’t a success. =( The pudding can be consumed but it’s not so nice. Other than that, I made an ice-cream cheesecake last night. Suppose to be a blueberry ice-cream cheesecake but I didn’t manage to buy the blueberry, so instead of blueberry, I’ve made a vanilla ice-cream cheesecake. A great one, ignoring that it’s too sweet and too salty. Next time, I’m going to make a perfect one with blueberry or some other fruits without too much cream cheese and sugar. And then, I’m going to buy some whipped cream to decorate the cake, and make it the first perfect cake I make myself for myself! Hoho~

Today, I made some potato balls with carrot and meat inside. Not so success also because I put too little potato. Hehe…

Ok, it’s dinnertime. I’m going to go make the potato balls again now. Tata~

Update at 12:44am 10Aug : It was a success to make the potato balls for dinner. Yay! 😉

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Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 4, 2006

Woke up very early in the morning today and spent some time to make some sushi.

The look is not so good, but the most important thing is the taste, and… it tastes good! hehe… Notice the middle one? Too much rice I put because that row is the first one I made and I couldn’t adjust the quantity of materials to put… hehe…

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Maybe HELP University College

Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 3, 2006

Ok, I think I most probably will go HELP to further my study. I got the reply from HELP already and still, they only give me 2 subjects of exemptions. The representative from the Marketing Office asked me to register and pay for 50 bucks to study in HELP. He asked me to go HELP directly later on to talk to the head of Psychology Department. I’m tired of these entire appealing things already, not planning to do what he had told. Furthermore, maybe he just wanted to increase the number of students he had pulled during his visit in Miri, thus trying to give me an idea that I still got the chance to ask for more exemptions. Furthermore, if I were to go HELP, he will get two new students from Miri. Kui Chun is planning to go HELP but never did give the firm answer because I’m still considering the two Uni Col. He asked KC to register first while me waiting for the reply about the appeal but KC refused.

At first, I was not so happy with HELP’s management because they seem to do things very slow, not efficient at all. So, I told myself to opt for Sunway Uni Col directly if HELP didn’t give me an answer within the week the representative had promised. YET, after the week, I still couldn’t make a firm answer saying me going Sunway Uni Col when everyone asks about this. Then I realized, unconsciously, I think I haven’t given up my ‘dream school’. Moreover, my third sister is coming home from Singapore in August. I will not have the chance to meet her at home for this time if I were to go for Sunway’s August intake. It has been a long time since the whole family gathered together at home. It’s either me not at home when sister come back or sister not at home when I’m having my holidays at home. Furthermore, I plan to take up jobs during my semester breaks or even during school days when I go KL to continue my study. I’m going by my own expenses this time, no more scholarship, so I need to earn some bucks to lesser my family’s burden. Plus, the living expenses in KL are higher than the one in Nilai. So, this mean that I won’t be coming back home as often as last time when I was in Nilai. I used to go back home every one or two semesters when I was in Nilai. So, this time, maybe… once per year? Or two…

Besides, I enjoy my life at home very much these days, too comfortable that I don’t feel like leaving so soon!

Anyway, I haven’t really made the final decision. I always give time for the agent, for HELP Uni Col, and for Sunway Uni Col to give me the answers I need. This time, I got to give myself sometime to see if I can accept the choice of going HELP Uni Col. I’m going to go register together with KC next week if there is no accidents.

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Posted by ycfoo 于 八月 1, 2006

I woke up very early today, 8 o’clock in the morning, because the technicians came to my house to install a new air-con in my sisters’ room. I switched off my room’s air-con and opened the windows wide, a way to avoid myself to fall back into my bed.

Later on, I cleaned the kitchen as I was going to make some puddings. Oh ya, Pudding! Tell you, I’m making puddings for sales! This is the third batch of puddings which I’ve made for sales already. Although not much bucks are earned for selling those puddings (I’m selling a cup for only RM1), I’m happy for doing this. At least, I don’t waste the precious time doing nothing; at least, no one got the reason for calling me ‘rice worm’; at least, I got to learn ‘somethings’. And and and… you might not believe this but it is real, I like cooking! My hobby of cooking becomes visible since I was still a kid. DO NOT laugh! I’m serious! When I was still in primary school, I played with fire to cook those leaves while my mom was doing her work in the small farm. I loved to hear the sound of ‘cha cha…’ when I poured the water on the fake wok which was hot caused by the fire. When I was in primary three if I’m not mistaken, my mom gave me some sweet potatoes and I BBQ them using my own skills. I still remember that I got a small scar on one of my fingers on my right hand which only started to fade out recently. I hurt myself when I was trying to chop some branches into small pieces using an axe (or it was not an axe, but a ‘parang’ knife?).

So you see, I know cooking since I was still in primary school! I still remember I invited some friends to my house to try the french fries I fried when I was in… erm… primary 4 or 5. Of course not as nice as the one you get from KFC or McDonald or… but, ok lah… for a primary school student. Now recall, how come my mom allowed me to play with fire huh? I always used the wok at home to fry french fries or to fry some eggs without any adult’s guidance. It is so dangerous, isn’t it?

Fried eggs, fried rice, fried mee, fried chicken wings, spaghetti, simple vegetable dishes, simple soups I can do la. Just that, no more than that, my cooking skills just stopped at that level because I’m just too lazy. Haha… Plus, I was always busy with school work, no time no mood no energy to try out new things. My third sister is more hardworking than me, so she’s better in cooking. Hehe…

Ok, back to the pudding. Besides the chocolate pudding, apple pudding, cappuccino pudding and mixed fruit pudding I’m making these days, I’m investigating some pudding with new flavors, some flavors that you cannot get easily in the market. Hehe… All this long, I sell the pudding at my mom’s shop. The outcome was not so good though because not many people come to the shop (We got delivery service, so they seldom come to the shop), even if there are some customers, they most probably are businessmen who got no interest in Pudding. They got more interest in carbonated drinks which are more powerful to cool them up in those hot days instead.

Yesterday, 4 cups of apple puddings were sent to a small stall beside the primary school near my house. (Yeap, my primary school!) Just now, my mom told me that the 4 cups were all sold out and the taukeh nio asked for more!!! Yippie yippie!!! Do you know how happy I am??? Know know??? Kekeke… ok, I know, I know it’s just 4 cups of small thing, but but but… it just makes me feel great. It’s like, people appreciating your work. Keke… So, I will do cups to be sent to the stall tomorrow.

People in Miri, if you are having gatherings, party, or your parents got a shop or whatever reasons that you need some puddings, just contact me!! Drop me an email at yyuzzhu@hotmail.com or you can call me directly if you got my number. Only RM1 for one cup, cheap cheap nia! For my friends, if you want to try some, do not hesitate to come get from me. (Limited for my friends in Miri only of course.) Hehe…

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Posted by ycfoo 于 七月 27, 2006

A lot of things I need to do or settle but there are always bunch of excuses for me not to finish them. I always wanted to get a piece of paper to list down the things I want to do but haven’t got the ‘chance’ to do so. Since I recall it now and am using the laptop, I think it’s not a bad choice also to have a to-do-list in my blog.

1. Go Maybank to redo my ATM card. The last one is canceled as my purse with the ATM card inside got stolen in INTI computer lab by a bastard from Africa.
2. Go buy the latest Microsoft Office cd and install it into my laptop. Until now, I’m still using the lousy WordPad in my laptop.
3. Go figure out how to transfer the pictures out from the digicam and burn to a cd to be sent to my cousin in Singapore. The pictures were taken when there’s no memory card in the digicam, so they are saved in the digicam itself instead of the memory card. There’s no cable to transfer the pictures from the digicam to the computer, so I will need to install the software to the computer so that the pictures can be transfered to the computer using wireless. (Only if it works.)
4. A bit interested in Tarot these days, trying to get one set of Tarot cards.
5. Clean my very very messy room.
6. Clean my mom’s room also.
7. Clean the living room……. because there are too much ‘rubbish’ of mine in the living room! hahaha….
8. Put the pictures my two nephews had done into an envelops and put on the stamps and post the thing. They wanted to have the KFC voucher and I promised to help them.
9. Go volunteer at PDK.
10. Help my mom and type and print something.
11. Decide where to further my study.
12. Do something for my friends who are going to leave for USA very soon.
13. Go meet some friends in Miri. It’s only 2 weeks left if I were to go Sunway.

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